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Sean Combs Explained Twitter To Ellen

Ellen recently welcomed "her friend" Sean P. Diddy Combs" on her show.  They talked about technology and specifically Twitter, which Sean has a lot of experience working with.

When Sean came out on the stage he did a long dance.  After he finished rocking out on stage he told Ellen and the audience "I am back home."  He told Ellen "it feels so good to be back.  I could dance all night."  Ellen said "I know.  We should book you for a show where there is just one segment of talk and the rest dancing."  Sean was in total agreement and ready to do it.

Ellen said "you know I'm just trying to catch up with this technology.  She told Diddy "I'm learning how to email, how to hit send and now I can reply."  Sean said "me too."  Ellen said "no, no, you're ahead, you've got some new thing you've started - twittering?"  Sean replied "yeah I've started twittering."  Ellen said "what's that?" 

He said "to be honest, a shout out to Ashton and Demi, they were kinda on it early" and Twitter "enables you to follow your friends, to follow people that you're fans of, so like right now I'm at like 100,000 people that follow me, I'm like the #1 guy on Twitter right now."  Ellen replied "really" and Sean said "yeah" and Ellen's audience hooted and hollered.

Ellen said "don't tell me you're the #1 guy on Twitter right now if I don't know what Twitter is".   Sean said "OK, Twitter is like, right now if you want to follow me on Twitter you do to IMDIDDY on Twitter.  Right now on Twitter I can type in and I can go to the application on my Twitter.  He showed Ellen his phone with Twitter on it.  He said he was "on his Blackberry, his Twitterberry."  And I can say "sitting with Ellen right now" and Ellen said "and your 100,000 people can know that?"  Ellen said "tell them "hi".  Ellen said "say hi to the (Twitter) people.  Then Sean typed in "Ellen says hi" right there on Twitter on the middle of Ellen's show.  The audience laughed.

Ellen asked "and then do they Twitter you back?"  And Sean said "yes, they Twitter me back and say hi or whatever."  Sean said "lots of time I put out lots of positive energy out there"  in fact, he said "I put out something today that said if you're chasing your dream you're not running fast enough, run faster - lets go people."

Sean explained "sometimes you may be following me, you're having a slow day and you get one of my Twitters and it helps you to move faster (moving his arms).  It helps you to chase your dream (audience applauded).  Sean said "to help you understand, its a mass email, its a mass email that goes out to everybody, but it's not required for you to reply back. Its like a message you want to put into the air."

Ellen said "OK then I want to start Twittering because I will send out messages to my people."  The audience applauded.

Sean said "you should, one of the reasons why it's big for celebrities is because it lets us take the power back.  You may have all these perceptions about me, but if you read my Twitters than you know who I really am. Or if there was a comment or rumor about me, I could clear it up if I chose to do that."

Ellen said "OK."

Sean said "and it lets me get really close to you so that there may be things besides the show and that's how you have a successful Twitter.  You got to tell them things they don't see on the show."

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