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Carla Guigino Races To Witch Mountain

Actress Carla Guigino (Goo-Jink-O) who is well-known for her short lived starring roles on "Karen Sisco" and "Threshold" as Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey stopped by on March 10th to chat with Daytime Show hostess Ellen Degeneres.

As Ellen pointed out as she introduced Carla, she is currently starring in the the mega-hit movie "Watchmen".  Her new movie "Race To Witch Mountain" opens on Friday.  In the film Carla plays the role of a UFO Scientist Dr. Alex Friedman.

(Carla Guigino at Spike TV's "Scream 2008" Greet Theatre, Hollywood, CA. 10-18-08 - - All rights Reserved).

Ellen showed a clip of with Carla and co-star Dwayne Johnson in the now movie, being released this Friday.  The film has been receiving excellent critic reviews on the previews.

When she introduced Carla to the audience Ellen showed a photo of Carla, who looked amazing, as Dr. Caffrey from the alien hunting show "Threshold."

After Carla walked onto the stage wearing a very chic one-shoulder striped dress with her hair in a sleek shiny straight bob, she said to Ellen "hi I did look so serious in that picture, it scared me"  Ellen said "yeah, it was very intense.  It was almost like I felt if I looked at it too long I would be hypnotized."

Carla said "well I was, well it was from a show (Threshold) where I was hunting aliens. I thought you should know, I don't know how it ended up on your show, but I'm no longer hunting aliens."  Ellen said "Yeah."  Carla said "It's very serious."  Ellen said "that is when you were hunting aliens,  Ellen asked, now what would you say? Carla said "to an alien?"  Ellen said "yeah, come here, like that?" Carla laughing "to an alien at that moment? I will get you".

Ellen then said "congratulations (regarding "The Watchman") the #1 movie in the country, that's amazing."  Ellen said people started buying tickets, crazy hours. Carla said "you know these big movies open at midnight on the night, like Thursday nights and my stepson Gabriel and his friends could not get into the midnight screening cause it was completely sold out.  So they went to the 3 AM screening.

Ellen "where's this?"  Carla said "this is in Los Angeles" Ellen said "they have 3 AM screenings?"  Carla "yes, who knew, right?  This means we're not 15, 16, 17 anymore."  Ellen said "no, no.  I wouldn't even go to a 10:00 screening, that would be too late."  Carla laughed and said "yeah 3 to 5:45, there you go."  Ellen said "wow, that's amazing."

Ellen asked where Race To Witch Mountain was shot.  Carla said "we shot that here and in Las Vegas."

Ellen also showed a photo that Carla had brought to the show because she said she knew "Ellen liked bad photos" The hostess said "there's a photo we're going to show - this is modeling?"

Carla said "well yeah, I know you like bad photos and so I thought I really had a bad one to bring.  This is when I am 13 and I had started modeling briefly but I'm way too short and it wasn't meant for me."

She said all I need to say is "my hair is 1980s, it's for a hairspray ad about being "out all night long", even though I'm 13. My lips are painted much bigger than they are and red.  My hair is - holds hands way out - double the size of my head.  And they put a classy Paris background behind me. That's all I should say."

They showed the photo to the audience and it was a bad photo.  Ellen said "oh my 13"  Carla said "yeah, 13"  Carla said "look at the jewelry"  Ellen said "oh man, that was something, where was that?"

Carla said "well I believe that was in San Diego, see it says if you're dancing the night away, meanwhile I'm 13"  Ellen said "exactly".

Ellen said "that's not right, that's hilarious. Thank you for bringing the photo in.  Carla said "you're welcome."   The hostess said "it kind of goes with the outfit it almost looks like a hood of some sort." Carla, "yes"

Ellen "doesn't it?  It looks like it wraps around whatever you're wearing."  Carla  replied "I don't know what it is."

OK, thank you.  Ellen mentioned that Race To Witch Mountain will open this coming weekend.

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