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Melissa Rycroft Follows Trista Rehn Sutter As Dancing Bachelorette

Bachelorette Melissa Rycroft is the second dumped bachelorette to make a splash on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.   For those who may not remember, Trista Rehn Sutter was on the premiere Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) show back in the Summer of 2005 when there were only six couples and soap opera star Kelly Monaco won beating out actor John O'Hurley.

At the time of the DWTS premiere, Trista had already lost on the first season the Bachelor with Alex Michel back in 2002.  Trista did not do well on DWTS and was the first celebrity eliminated from the show.

Although Trista Rehn lost Bachelor Alex to Amanda Marsh there were many rumors that part of the reason Alex eventually dumped Amanda was because he wanted Trista back.  She chose not to go back with him and instead because ABC's first Bachelorette which enjoyed huge ratings on the final show when she selected Ryan Sutter.  Their televised wedding also was a huge ratings hit for ABC.  Which explains why she was on Fear Factor and then on Dancing With The Stars.  She continues to appear on various Bachelor related shows.

Melissa Rycroft is the second dumped Bachelorette having recently been selected by the most hated bachelor of all time, Jason Mesnick, and then immediately dumped on national TV by Jason who went back with #2, Molly Malaney.

Isn't it ironic that ABC offered the Bachelorette to Melissa who turned in down but instead she wound up on the much higher profile show, DWTS and did very well her first night out.  Unlike Trista, Melissa tied for second place and was resplendent in The Waltz in a gorgeous turquoise gown complete with a matching flower in her hair.

Other things Melissa and Trista share in common:

1.  Both are natural brunettes and favor longer hairstyles.

2.  Trista was on the Miami Heat Squad while Melissa was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.

3.  Both were invited to be The Bachelorette although Melissa turned down the offer and Trista went on to find her husband on the show.

4.  Trista and Melissa both had a dance background.

5.  Both have expressed a desire to work with children.  Melissa recently told Jason on The Bachelor she wanted to be a first grade teacher.

6.  Trista's Bachelorette final brought huge ratings for ABC as did The Bachelor final with Melissa getting engaged and then dumped.

7.  In their own way both women have been called "America's Sweethearts" because of their all American background.

8.  Both women came from close knit families and were known to have a strong network of friends and supporters.

Does Melissa have a chance to win DWTS?  One thing is clear, like The Bachelor, the Dancing With The Stars show is a reality TV show and anything goes.  The difference with DWTS versus The Bachelor is that the audience can vote on the competition for the dancers.  This often make a difference in which team ultimately wins.

One thing is for sure, this season of DWTS will definitely be interesting.  Regardless of which team wins.

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