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Combat "Fajita Hair" With KMS Hairplay Makeover Spray

KMS California Answers Author Whitney Casey's Call for a Hair Remedy in her new book "The Man Plan"

(Santa Monica, CA) According to author Whitney Casey, "Stinky hair will leave him with the feeling that the rest of you stinks, even if you showered for hours!" When searching for a significant other, combating smelly hair, which Casey coins "Fajita Hair," is an essential step that women often neglect while out on dates.

However, there is hope; using a type of dry shampoo, like KMS California's Hairplay Makeover Spray, helps women avoid this common dating faux pas.

Ms. Casey explains, "Your hair absorbs more smells and gives off more smells then most of your body. If that smell is bad, then that can defeat any strong perfume, lotion or body wash you may be using to cover it up." Casey recommends that women carry a dry shampoo to use after a long day at work or a dinner out to minimize the occurrence of "Fajita Hair."

In fact, Casey's book tour features KMS California's Hairplay Makeover Spray within the press kit for the book as the suggested product to fix "Fajita Hair" before it derails a good date with a great guy.

Hairplay Makeover Spray is excellent for quick touch-ups and restyling for those with active, on-the-go lifestyles. The remarkable matte spray extends the life of hairstyles as it absorbs excess oils, increases volume at the roots and enhances overall texture.

Hairplay Makeover Spray leaves hair feeling refreshed and clean, making it perfect to use between shampoos. Ms. Casey describes dry shampoo products like the Hairplay Makeover Spray as "the fastest way to make your hair man friendly and keep you feeling fabulous."

Ms. Casey has appeared on The Today Show and has done demonstrations with Hairplay Makeover Spray on Fox News and The Early Show on CBS. Her media tour will continue until the end of January. "The Man Plan" was also listed as one of nine new self-help books to read in 2009 by The New York Daily News.

"Men will sniff you out a mile away," says Casey. So remember, "Part of your man plan starts in your head, literally!"

Hairplay Makeover Spray as well as the rest of the KMS line is available at in the Marketplace.

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