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Ellen Feels Bad For Bachelor Jason Mesnick

Ellen introduced Jason Mesnick by saying "millions of people tuned in to see the most dramatic twist on The Bachelor ever."

She then showed clips of Jason telling Molly he was in love with someone else and then telling Melissa he loved her and proposing.  Then she showed the clip of Jason breaking up with Melissa and then telling Molly he was falling in love with her.

(Ellen Degeneres - - All Rights Reserved).

Jason entered the stage. When he came out he seemed full of hesitation and like a whipped puppy.  He seemed unsure about whether to hug Ellen or not...but in the end he did.

Ellen started her interview with Jason by saying "alright poor guy."

Jason said "we need to talk don't we?" Ellen said "we do need to talk." Jason said "all of us need to talk."

Ellen Feels Bad For Jason

Ellen expressed that she felt bad for Jason.  She said "I feel bad for you because this is all happening, you know and these are real feelings obviously and its in front of a lot of people that have a lot of opinions and a lot of judgment. So I feel bad for you, and you were on TV, and this was the way it was done but (her comments were cut out right here) in a little bit, so you're on your own right now."

Then Ellen gave Jason a chance to say something.  She asked "is there something first of all before I ask you, is there something you want to say that you haven't had a chance to say?"

Jason Apologizes For Hurting Melissa & The Fans

Jason "I think what I want to do is to apologize to everybody out there, uh all the fans of the show because... I thank you for watching, but this was my real life and it was the hardest thing I had to do (voice cracking) and I made some big mistakes. That's what I want to sit here and talk about today are the mistakes that I made."

Jason continued "but in the end I found my true love and I really am happy right now.  I know I hurt somebody that I never wanted to hurt and I really regret that, but I wanted to thank everybody for their support.  I know people got hurt along the way, even the viewers, but I apologize to all you guys too."

Ellen "you hurt Molly first because first you sent her away.  Then you go back to Molly.  And you know, Molly takes you back. I assume you are all still together?" Jason "Yeah"

DeAnna Stirred The Pot?

Ellen said "OK just making sure.  Because then DeAnna comes in and she's trying to....  I have a feeling that DeAnna confused you saying you have to follow your heart and not your head and I think and it looked like you were trying to make decisions and second guessing yourself?"

Jason "yeah I mean DeAnna, I'm glad she came because you know it gave me some perspective cause she'd been through it before and I hadn't been through it before, but it didn't give me any kind of answer by any means."

Untruths About Being In Love?

Ellen said "now when you were here, it was January 8th, OK, as the records show.  When I said, and you had finished shooting and this was like a few days before you changed your mind and wanted to tell Melissa so but when you were here I said did you meet someone and you said yes I'm happy, I'm in love."  Jason said "right"

Ellen "and so that was not true right, because you were clearly not happy with Melissa and were going to change your mind."

Well........It's Complicated

Jason "well you know honestly it's really complicated because in a weird way I was always in love you know, and it was Melissa at the very end. She was exactly as I wanted to go into the show.  She was exactly in my mind.  If you look at her personality, the way she acts, the way she interacted with me even the way she looks, she was exactly what I thought I was going to end up for my entire life. And it was her. And no matter where I've been (with) my heart I've been in love this whole time.  It's complicated because of the show part of it.  I can't go out and say everything I want whenever I want to say it...So coming here (on the show), yeah I mean I was in love.  I am in love.

What Changed Between Jason And Melissa Leading To Heartbreak?

Ellen "but what happened, what changed that was different on the show then and I've joked around (on the show) saying that's not reality, you're in helicopters and you're all over the place and in beautiful exotic locations but what changed between the personalities?

Jason said "Ummm, between Melissa and I?" Ellen "uh huh"

Jason "You know, I think we spent a lot of time together. And I know you had her here the other day. And we would sit down and have very little to say to each other when it was supposed to be the most exciting times in our lives.

And it was really the Honeymoon Stage, it had only been a few weeks.  I was digging deep and I couldn't figure out why, but when you sit there and have very little to talk about.   I think she would admit too that it was so different and just because the six weeks of filming was over doesn't mean our hearts were done or our life was over we were still trying to figure out after the show and I know it was confusing for everybody because it was confusing for me.

Ellen said "Then I think the biggest question everybody has is.. and I know you have to be careful how you answer that because you like you said there are contractual agreements, but why would you, even though Melissa knew you were probably going to break up with her on the show, that was not a surprise, but why would you tell her about Molly on the show, why not off the air?

Jason Has Regrets About Telling Melissa About Molly

Jason said "I completely regret doing that." Ellen "uh huh." Jason "I've regretted it every single day since that happened and I will regret it probaby every day for the rest of my life."

Jason made a point of saying that The Bachelor "producers obviously really wanted me to do it on the show, but I take full responsibility for my actions.  I could have not shown up.  If I look back, I was just trying to do what I thought was right for me.  If I could go back and do it again I would not do that.  There's no way I would do that." Ellen "yeah" Jason "period."

Behind The Scenes - Talks With Molly?

Then Ellen asked what everyone wanted to know for sure about Jason and Molly behind the scenes.  Ellen said "and Molly....did she, had you been talking to Molly? Or had you not been talking to Molly?" Jason "no, no"  Ellen repeated "you had not been talking to Molly?"  Jason said "no"

Ellen "you were taking a big chance there saying I want you back?"  Jason agreed "yeah, yeah, if I had been talking to Molly I would have known at some point she would have waited for me..maybe."

He continued "no, but it was one of the scariest things I've had to do...but look I signed up to do this in front of everybody and the hard thing is, the agreement is the good, the bad, the ugly and I would never have known, I mean the thing with Molly is even though, there were questions that were asked of me, I didn't to, have to say that in front of everybody, I hate, I hate that it was on TV."  Ellen agreed "uh huh"

Jason continued to insist he had not talked with Molly "absolutely, but I would never have known if Molly would have ever said yes because she would have moved on.  Obviously they were considering her probably for the show, you know, the next season."

The hostess agreed "uh huh"  Then you could have gone on as someone trying to get her."  Jason "I'm done with that, I'm done with that." I never would have known as the year goes by and I would just have always wondered what if Molly would have known and I didn't want to live that way.

Ellen's Reasons For Feeling Bad For Jason

Ellen listened to Jason's comments about Molly and she said "right"  She said "like I said (earlier in the show) I feel bad for you because everyone has an opinion, everybody has judgment and I feel bad for you for that reason.  I don't think that its wrong to follow your heart and if you think Molly is the one and you made a mistake with Melissa, then you know ...then great.

Jason "like I said, I completely regret doing that to Melissa on TV." Ellen "yeah" Jason "and if I could take that back and not do it, I would go back on that day and not do that.  You know?" Ellen "right"  Jason "you know, I regret that."

Ellen told Jason "that's big (what he did) and you're going to have to live with that because it is, it's made a lot of people you know, have opinions about you."  Jason "and that's very fair, and I do live with that every single day. But in the end, I came to find like my true love and I hated the way it went down and the little details and what not, but I did meet her on the show."

Ellen ended this segment by saying "OK well we're going to bring Molly out and we'll talk to her about this whole process.  Cause she's gotta have a feeling about what you did too."

What are your feelings?  Should Jason be forgiven like Ellen appears to have forgiven him?  Or not?  Let me know your thoughts.

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