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Stevie Nicks Beautiful Rock Goddess Inside And Out

Honestly I have to say I was completely mesmerized by Rock Goddess Stevie Nicks who appeared for one glorious hour on the new Chris Isaak show on the Biography Channel tonight (3/5/09). Chris has a new show every Thursday evening from 9:00 CST until 10:00 CST.  I honestly don't know much about Chris Isaak or his music but I have loved Stevie since the beginning of her time.

My Own History With Stevie Nicks

I definitely have history with Stevie Nicks and her music.  How you might ask?  Stevie's music helped me get through some difficult times in my life when I was searching for myself.  I remember pacing late into the night trying to figure out who I was, what I wanted to accomplish and how I was going to deal with challenging career, family and relationship issues.

I would turn out all the lights in my living room condo in St. Louis County, put on headphones, light a bunch of candles and listen to Stevie for hours on end.  Sometimes I would be moved to dance and twirl to her haunting songs and other times I would lay on the floor and let her music wash over me.

Fleetwood Mac And Stevie Nicks

Over the years I went to every Fleetwood Mac concert I could get to and bought everything Stevie did from old LPs to CDs and DVDs.  I had everything she did because in some corner of my mind knowing she was tucked away in my CD rack gave me a sense of peace.  Weird yes, but whatever gets you through the night.  Right?

Imagine how thrilled I was to hear that Stevie would be spending a full hour with Chris Isaak tonight on his interview show.  I rushed home from work to set up my Tivo to make sure I didn't miss a single minute.

One Hour With Chris Isaak

During her hour with Isaak, which ended way too fast, Stevie alternated between being warm, funny, serious, sincere and touching.  Her stories about her life actually brought tears to my eyes with some of her stories.  She and Chris Isaack obviously have history and chemistry.  Chris actually did an amazing job of interviewing Stevie and she was obviously very comfortable with him.

The interview lasted for one hour and during that time Stevie sang, danced and did a fabulous ending duet with Chris.

Stevie Nicks With Long Blonde Hair Dressed In Black

Stevie looked stunning, and yes, she was dressed from head to toe in stunning black.  Her famous blonde hair was perfectly highlighed with a soft butter base with hint of caramel lowlights and vanilla cream highlights.  Stevie's long blonde hair cascaded down towards the middle of her back and whether she was wearing extensions or not, it was impossible to tell.  The songbird had a full sweeping fringe which nestled across her forehead making her soft brown eyes appear to glow. Her complexion was also soft and wrinkle free.  If she had work done, it was not obvious but she certainly looked much younger than her 60 years.

Stevie's Introduction To Music

Stevie shared some amazing stories about her introduction to music at the knee of her beloved grandfather AJ which was short for Aaron Jess.  Stevie explained her grandfather had been a musician who could never make a living in the business.  In fact, she said he loved pool as much as he loved music and was much better at pool than music.  When she was a young girl brought home a huge stack of all his favorite 45 records.  Stevie and AJ spent endless hours together listening to music and singing together, including Red River Valley.  She noted she always sang harmony very well.

It Started With A Goya Guitar

At some point she was given a Goya guitar and had a total of eight guitar lessons from a classical guitar teacher who had to stop teaching Stevie when he went off to Spain.  However, that guitar, which she still has to this day, was the beginning of her career writing and singing music.  It ultimately led to her joining Fleetwood Mac and becoming a world famous Rock Diva who is still writing and performing music to this day.

Stevie explained how she and Lindsay Buckingham met up with the rest of Fleetwood Mac and how Christine McVie had the final say over whether the gorgeous young Stevie Nicks and Lindsay could join the band.  It turned out that Christine and Stevie adored each other and worked very well together.

Addicted To Cocaine

Explaining about how cocaine came into her life so many years ago, she told Isaak it was in the early days of Fleetwood Mac and while everyone was warned about heroin, which she stayed away from, they were told cocaine was completely safe and "recreational".  Explaining how it wrecked her voice, looks, creativity and moods, she told about hitting bottom.  At one point before going on a long tour that was already sold out, Stevie went to see a plastic surgeon to have him check her nose.  When the surgeon looked up at her nose he told her the next time she snorted coke would probably be her last.  He said she was also in danger of having a brain aneurysm, which could potentially make her an invalid for life.

As she explained to Chris, snorting cocaine was like snorting Ajax.  It literally ate away her nose and it was for her like a form of speed except you felt horrible all the time and looked bad.  Stevie said everyone was all speedy all the time and in a bad mood.  It also impacted her voice, which she says she still suffers from to this day, many years later.

Detoxing At Better Ford

Scared out of her wits after hearing the warnings from the doctor Stevie had to go on her tour knowing the dangers of coke, which she was severely addicted to.  She promised herself to do as little as possible and just get through the tour.  She did and immediately checked into Betty Ford decked out in a full length fur coat, silver boots, jewels and big suitcases full of clothes.    Although it was really hard and she felt horrible, she detoxed completely and left Betty Ford free of her cocaine addiction.

Losing Eight Years Of Her Life

After getting free of drugs she started to see a psychiatrist for her issues since she was an alcoholic and thus didn't feel AA would work.  The psychiatrist prescribed tranquilizer drugs which she took several times a year for the next eight years.  She also took steroids for her throat because the doctors told her she needed them and what did she know.  It caused her to gain huge amounts of weight and blocked her ability to sing, write, compose or perform.

Those eight years are completely lost to her and she realized she was again addicted to drugs.  She entered another rehab facility where she stayed for over 45 days and believes she came close to dying a few times.  After she kicked her tranquilizers and steroid addiction, she looked in the mirror and her heart sank.  As a result of her weight gain and drug use she felt she was a mess.  But during her entire detox she kept telling herself she was going to get better, and she did.

Since that detox Stevie has rebuilt her life and is again writing, performing, singing and touring.  She is very proud of her most recent DVD which she believes will be a type of rock legacy for all the young people coming up in the world of rock and roll behind her.

Chris ended his amazing hour with Stevie by singing Red River Valley in harmony with the beautiful rock star.  It gave me chills.

If his interview with Stevie is any indication of how his show will be, I am going to watch every single show he does from her on out.  Check him out.  Chris Isaac on the Biography Channel on Thursdays, 9 CST or 10 EST.

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