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Jewel Will Dance On ABC's DWTS

As reported today (3/4/09) in Country Weekly News, Singer Jewel Kilcher has reported she will be "good to go" for the Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) show set to start on March 9th on ABC.  As reported earlier, Jewel's participation was a question mark due to the development of tendinitis in her knees.

(Image of Jewel Kilcher and Ty Murray- Rock The Kasbah presented by Virgin United - 07-02-07 - - All Rights Reserved).

After extensive treatment and lots of rest, Jewel has reported on her website that her physical therapist told her if she took the time to heal she would be good to go in time for the show.  Jewel has expressed disappointment in missing practice time but has said her new husband, Ty Murray and dance partner Chelsea are taking advantage of her being sidelined.

Apparently Jewel and Ty like to compete against each other, even it if is only friendly competition.  Ty has supposedly told Jewel his best chance of beating his wife in the DWTS competition is if she gets pregnant during the show so that Jewel would be "too tired to dance!"

Hmmmm.  Is there a hint there?  Supposedly Jewel and Ty decided to marry after many years of partnership in order to start a family.

Jewel's partner for Dancing With The Stars is Dmitry Chaplin.  The Grammy-nominated singer has admitted to the media her biggest concern with the show is not so much the paso doble or other dances, but the costumes she will need to wear.

(Image of Jewel Kilcher - 35th Annual People's Choice Awards Arrivals - 01-07-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

She told Us Weekly "my first fitting was intimidating."  Why?  The Alaskan native said "I'm not a model, and I don't trail all day because I'm on-the-go doing shows."  She explained further "now I have to perform in bedazzled underwear! It's daunting".

Another advantage to being part of DWTS for the upcoming season?  She gets to be with her bull riding husband.  "We never work together".  At least now they will.

Although it has been reported that Hugh Hefner's ex, Holly Madison will be stepping in to replace Jewel, the blonde singer is still planning on reporting to the show.  If for some reason she can't dance, the blonde Holly will have a shot to take her place.

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