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The Bachelor Melissa Rycroft Skips ATFR2

If you have been following The Bachelor with Jason Mesnick and his two finalists, Melissa Rycroft of Dallas, Texas and Molly Malaney, you know that the following events have occurred so far:

1.  Melissa walked through fire to win over Jason's son Ty and his family in The Final Rose Ceremony (TFR) episode.

2.  Jason dumped Molly and picks Melissa to be his wife.

3.  Jason proposes and Melissa and Jason are going to live happily ever after.....except...wait

4.  Jason and Melissa appear on the traditional After The Final Rose Ceremony (ATFR) where Jason dumps Melissa for Molly.

5.  Melissa tells Jason not to text her, call her or try to see her again.  She leaves in tears in a limo.

6.  Jason tells a shocked Molly he still loves her.  Jason asks Molly to have coffee or drinks and "see where it goes".

7.  Jason and Molly leave After The Rose Ceremony together.

8.  According to RealitySteve who leaked the Bachelor Conspiracy Theory, there is an After The Final Rose Ceremony - Part II - aka ATFR2.

9.  As learned by RealitySteve from a "reliable Bachelor source" a letter will be read from Melissa, who could not be bribed by ABC's The Bachelor camp to come on air to see Jason again.

The following questions remain about Jason, Melissa and Molly for many Bachelor Fans:

1.  When was this Bachelor plot hatched?  Many believe it occurred right after the date Molly had with Jason where she spent time with him in the tent.  Who knows what happened in that tent?

2.  Did Jason agree to break Melissa's heart on national TV?

3.  Did Melissa know she was being played before it happened?

4.  Was Molly in on the plot to pick Melissa and then dump her for Molly?

5.  Is Jason such a cad as to sacrifice the feelings of Melissa for a bigger "appearance fee?"

6.  Will the letter read on ATFR2 broadcast really be from Melissa or by someone who writes what they think the audience wants to hear.

7.  Is Jason now the most hated Bachelor replacing Brad Womack who honorably chose no one at The Final Rose ceremony.

8.  Will Melissa be the new Bachelorette?

Only time will tell but according to RealitySteve who I had the great pleasure of interviewing this past weekend before The Final Rose ceremony went down, Melissa will not be the next Bachelorette because she did not know about the plot before it happened and was indeed played as a pawn for ratings.  Which definitely makes you wonder about Jason Mesnick and his motives.

Will a letter from Melissa be read in ATFR2?  Yes, but whether she actually wrote it or not may never become known.  Why?  Everyone who agrees to be involved with The Bachelor signs an ironclad confidentiality agreement that lasts for life.

If you're waiting for a Tell All expose on what happens inside The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, don't hold your breath.  It won't be coming out any time soon.

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