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Melissa Rycroft Call Reality Steve Please

If you have been following all my blogs about The Bachelor you know that last Friday (February 27th, 2009) I have a long 1 1/2 conversation with the guy now famous on the Internet as Reality Steve.  First of all, he is a really great guy.

Steve is passionate about The Bachelor and like me, has been watching since the beginning.  However, Steve has taken his passion for the show to a whole new level.  Every season he stays up until all hours of the night writing recaps of the Bachelor episodes.  Any fans who miss the show or want inside info on the various players, Reality Steve does his very best to provide insight.

Also, Reality Steve has never leaked a single ending until this season.  Why did he decide to do it this season?  He honestly felt bad for Melissa who was dumped on National TV after first being selected as The Bachelor's Final Bachelorette.  Steve, who has strong ties to LA received multiple leaks about how The Bachelor producers and Jason were planning on dumping Melissa to create major drama.

Reality Steve was very upset that Melissa's feelings would be traded for ratings.  As a result, he sang like the proverbial canary.  Which gave rise to The Bachelor Conspiracy Theory.

Was ABC upset about Reality Steve leaking the ending?  Absolutely.  Through Host Chris Harrison responses have been posted on the Web.  Although Reality Steve was never mentioned by name, it was obvious Chris was directing his comments towards Steve.

Meanwhile, Melissa is trying to recover from all of the pain and suffering she went through.  The truth is that Melissa really did have true feelings for Jason who never really had feelings for her.  He was hot for Molly and that's who he wanted to select all along.  Or at least that's the word Reality Steve received from his very reliable sources.

Of course anyone on the Bachelor are required to sign iron clad Confidentiality Agreements that are in force for life.  The penality of breaching that contract?  5 Million dollars.  Really?  Yes indeed.  Reality Steve has a copy of the ABC agreements and you basically sign your life away when you go on any of their shows.

Reality Steve lives in Dallas as does Melissa.  Of course and yours truly is here as well.  Reality Steve actually did a great interview with Jeremy Anderson who was dumped by Deanna Pappas on the recent Bachelorette which also left Jason Mesnick as the choice for The Bachelor.

Steve wants to talk to Melissa Rycroft to get her side of the story without breaking her confidentiality agreement or any other contracts she has.  Steve doesn't want Melissa to feel any more pain but he does hope she will call.  I also hope Melissa calls Reality Steve because I know he will do a great job of letting her know how bad everyone feels for her right now.

Melissa phone Reality Steve and know that our hearts go out to you.

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