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Jason Defends Actions On The Bachelor ATFR2 Show

Chris Harrison said "six weeks ago the Bachelor shocked America by professing his love for Molly.  And now he's here to answer all of our questions.  Ladies and Gentleman...Jason.

The audience clapped and cheered.  Jason said "wow."  Chris Harrison said to Jason after he came out onto the stage I bet "you weren't sure what the reaction was going to be?" Jason said you know,  I didn't think I would ever be back here. Shsseessh.  Woof."

Chris asked again "what did you think the reaction was going to be?"  Jason said "You know, I will be the first to say it was nothing I ever planned on, I would say it's definitely not the classiest thing in the world, but I had to follow my heart and I think everybody out there knows what its like."

Jason continued "and there are things maybe I might do differently, I don't regret where I'm at,  I'm really happy."

Chris said "even though we just watched the first ATFR its actually been six weeks (or so) since you sat here on this stage and you broke up with Melissa and asked Molly for a second chance. Let's look back on your final conversation with Melissa."

At that point a tape played of Jason and Melissa and Jason telling Melissa he was breaking it off with her.  After the tape was finished Chris said to Jason "you've had six weeks to think about that decision, think about that moment.  What comes to mind?  What do you think about?"

Jason hung his head and said "I'm not proud what I did to her (Melissa).  Nobody deserves to feel that at all and I hate that I had to do that, but I will say that I made the right choice for all of us.  Things were different, I could not go through what was going on.  And I was in love with somebody else.  And how do I sit there and go forward with something?"

The Bachelor then said "was it right to lead her on? Was it right to go through and keep on going like that for years or months?  No. I mean, I had to do what was right for everybody. Yes, everybody here knows that I hurt somebody that's really important, whose a really sweet girl."

Jason continued "and I knew I was going to have to hurt people.  But I never thought I was going to hurt Melissa.  I never did. I thought I was going to marry Melissa and spend the rest of my life with her.  And I hate that I had to do that cause I had that happen to me.  But it was just honest and that's the truth."

Chris said "so let's move to the controversial decision, the decision to break up with Melissa and ask for a chance with Molly.  Millions watched around America, understandably some of them are very upset, very angry with you.  They feel hurt.   Do you get that and what do you say to that??

Jason said "of course I get that.  Everybody I know that I come across in my entire life is entitled to feel however they want.  But that was what was going on with me.  But I don't feel my feelings were wrong either.  The minute when I proposed to Melissa I don't think I was wrong because I really believed that at that time."

The Bachelor continued "I mean on that last day everything was so great with Molly.  I didn't see that emotional piece that was kinda lacking.  And the moment she left she opened up with me. And it was "oh my god." What was that?  And that didn't change at all what I was feeling about Melissa.  But It started growing inside me, it started growing slowly.  And finally I just started realizing oh my god, it was her!  And I think some people might go down that last day and say maybe I made the wrong choice."

Jason said "I don't want to live my life with regrets. I did what I felt was right and I stand by that right now."

Chris Harrison then said "can you show and tell Ty what you've done and look him in the eye and be proud?"

Jason replied "yeah, I mean, I would first and foremost tell Ty that we make mistakes. I know mine is magnified because of all this.  I followed my heart and my head.  And even though I've had to hurt people along the way, I feel I did it with integrity. And that's what I want him to look and see for me."

Chris ased "how have things been between you and Molly since about a month and a half, six weeks ago?"

Jason said "Molly and I first talked and saw each other for the first time here (on the stage during After The Final Rose).  It just got better and better. The one thing I didn't really realize was that Molly was becoming my best friend.  And there was that passion and that fun and that excitement and its everything I really never had in a relationship but everything I always wanted."

Jason clarified "I would say the difference between them on the last day.  I saw them was Melissa is the ultimate wife.  She will be there for you until the day she dies.  She's sweet, she's beautiful.  She's everything that I thought I wanted."  He continued "but Molly challenges me, she's my best friend.  We have so much fun together. And that's what I need.  And that's what I need for me and that's what I need for my son."

Chris replied "I actually talked to Melissa, and obviously we invited her to be here tonight but as you can expect the emotional wounds are a little too fresh and she's not ready to face the cameras and everybody here just yet.  She sent this quote "strange as it may sound, I am doing really well. I don't regret anything that happened over the past few months because I know I wouldn't be where I am today had none of it happened."

Chris said "the typical attitude from Melissa."  Jason agreed "she's the best, she's one of a kind."  Then Chris said "we wish her all the best."  Then he said "Jason I appreciate it."  At that point the segment ended and Jason left the office.

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