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Ellen Degeneres Angry About Bachelor

In her show today, Tuesday, March 3, 2009, Ellen Degeneres discussed the results of The Bachelor which saw Jason Mesnick first selecting Melissa and then dumping her shortly after on National TV.

Ellen said something to the effect of straight relationships are confusing.  She got a great laugh from the audience.

The funny lady asked why Jason had to break up with Melissa in public on National TV.   Why not do it privately?  Ellen also asked whether Jason was encouraged to do it publicly or not (by The Bachelor's producers) and she gave the opinion he should have kept it private.

Ellen said the whole Bachelor thing was "sad" and she didn't care what anyone thought, she was "mad".

She also announced Melissa was going to be on the show on Thursday so that Melissa can share her anger with Ellen.  She also said that Chris Harrison would be on the show and that Jason and Molly would be on the show to explain their relationship.

It will be interesting to see how Ellen is towards Jason and Molly when they appear on her show.  Will she still be mad?  Will she give Jason a hard time?  What about Molly.

I am also interested to see what Melissa will say about the whole incident and getting dumped on national TV.

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