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Bachelor Mike Fleiss Denies Conspiracy Theory

It had to happen.  Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss has spoken to The Live Feed about Jason Mesnick dumping Melissa and selecting Molly.  He has also addressed The Bachelor Conspiracy Theories.

In responding to Reality Steve's Conspiracy Theory The Live Feed asked if the twists were manufactured.

Fleiss to Live Feed "we have never done that. There’s 500 people on the show. Call them all. We've never done that. None of those people are under contract any more, they'll tell you -- not once in any season. It was a true change of heart. When I found out there was trouble with him and Melissa, I was in the process of trying to talk Molly into being the next Bachelorette, but she wouldn't commit because she was so upset over Jason. It's patently untrue. Also, these guys aren’t good enough actors.

If they’re actors, they're the best actors on television. Whenever a show is really good, people think it's too good to be true. But this time it’s just really really good. We were happy when he picked Melissa. Deanna coming in -- that was supposed to be the big twist ... until Jason had a change of heart."

To read the entire interview between Mike Fleiss and The Live Feed go to:

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