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Bachelor Jason Mesnick Chooses Then Dumps Melissa

After the beautiful and romantic proposal in New Zealand by Jason to Melissa that part of the show ended and the next segment of the show started with just Chris Harrison and Jason talking about how Jason had picked Melissa.

In essence Jason told Chris Harrison that he had spent the Holidays with Melissa and he had spent a lot of time with her after the final rose ceremony but he started to feel that things were not right between them and it was the same between them as it had been before.

Basically Jason told Chris that he want to come clean with Melissa and tell her how he felt.  Chris Harrison said that Jason was going to break up with Melissa during the show. Jason said yes.  Chris said that both Melissa and Molly were in the studio, which was closed, and they would be all talking at different times.

Jason, with tears in his eyes, talked about how bad he felt and that he didn't want to hurt Melissa and of course Molly had every reason to be mad at him as well.

Melissa came out on the stage.  She looked gorgeous.  Simply stunning.  It was definitely awkward and she looked very upset.

Jason told Melissa "we're not right for each other".  Melissa said "I don't know what you want me to say, I thought we were perfect for each other".  She said to him, the second you start having doubts it's... I'm just going to pull away.  She said to Jason "do you see why I'm a little irritated?"  She continued and said to Jason "you have yet to be honest but to say I'm story."

Jason said "going back to that final day, I realized I was falling for two people at the same time - at the exact same time."  He explained, I didn't think there was any capacity to fall for two people at the same time.  Then he said "I still have feelings for Molly."

Melissa asked Jason "have you been talking to her?"  Jason said "No, I tried to get it out of my head.  I tried to clear my head and say "forget it.  He told Melissa that he kept telling himself "I'm here with Melissa." and to forget Molly "because I chose Melissa."

Jason reiterated "I can't get Molly out of my head."  Melissa said "someone you already said goodbye to."  Jason said he wished he could "control his heart and his head."  He said if he could "control his heart and his head he would do that."  He said he wasn't perfect and he wished it hadn't happened but it did.

Melissa said "you are such a bastard."  Jason said during this entire process and the difficulty with his feelings "I learned a lot about myself.  When he said he "wasn't perfect" Melissa said "I'll second that," and the as an afterthought the very polite Southern lady said "excuse me."  I guess she felt bad being rude.  Another reason to love and feel bad for Melissa.

Jason said "I do regret what happened."

Melissa said "why did you put a ring on my finger?"  She continued and said "I trusted you with everything".  She was obviously very angry when she said 'it was a once in a lifetime thing and you took it from me."  Melissa also told Jason "I wish that you would have let me go instead of doing this to me.  I am so mad at you.  I am so mad at you."

At that point Melissa told the gorgeous engagement ring off her finger and handed it back to Jason.    She said to him "I don't get it at all, none of it makes sense".

Chris Harrison said "emotions are running high, lets take a break.  More of the Final Rose when we return."

It was obviously a very uncomfortable conversation and my heart went out to Melissa.  I felt so bad for her.  I am sure anyone watching did too.

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