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Angelina Jolie Drop Dead Gorgeous At 2009 Academy Awards

Angelina Jolie appeared on the 2009 Oscar Red Carpet in a strapless black low cut dress by Elie Saab with stunning Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, Ferragamo shoes and a Lana Marks bag.

Her hair was swept up in a half-up, half-down hairstyle with the back of her hair cascading down the back in soft waves.

Angie and Brad looked spectacular but they were more under scrutiny for their Red Carpet greetings to Tim Gunn and Ryan Seacrest than their stunning hair, makeup and fashions.

Angie remained mum as Brad brushed past Ryan and didn't stop to chat.  He seemed more polite to Tim Gunn whom he greeted briefly but again, the golden couple did not stop to chat.

When ex-wife Jennifer Aniston took the stage with Jack Black to make a presentation, she looked visibly nervous in the first few seconds even though she looked spectacular.

As Jen played off funnyman Jack Black, she visibly relaxed and after the first few seconds was the picture of poise and perfection.  She appeared to actually be enjoying herself and Jack did an amazing job of working with her in their little presentation.

The cameras panned to Angelina and Brad as Jennifer made her presentation and they both appeared to be smiling.  Of course you know that the star studded couple had to know they were being watched like hawks.

Afterall, this was the very first time that all three of them were in the same building at the same time and in close proximity to each other.

Best Actress Award Presenter - Nicole Kidman

When it came time to present the Best Actress Award to the five nominees, previous Best Actress winners appeared on the stage.  Each of the previous winners gave a special tribute to each of the individual nominees.

Nicolle Kidman provided the tribute to Angelina.  Nicolle said "a young mother in 1928 loses her only son and is forced to take part in a cover up by the police force investigating his disappearance.  Such was the lot for a woman of that time.

Nicolle continued "that this role is played so authentically is due to the very modern gifts of Angelina Jolie. In Changeling your search for justice and for the truth led with heartbreaking anguish steadfast determination reminded us of the endearing power of a mother's love. As one who would not let her son be forgotten Angelina Jolie.  You were unforgettable."

And The Best Actress Award Goes To

When Kate Winslet's name was announced for Best Actress she reached over to touch Angelina.  Obviously the two women are at least friends if not closer. It was interesting to hear on Oprah's After The Oscars show that Reese Witherspoon and Kate are very good friends.  Reese reported that Kate is lovely and a girl's girl.  Who knows, maybe Angie and Kate really are friend?

Even though Angie didn't win, she did look spectacular, absolute perfection.  Kudos to Angelina.

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