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Bachelor Conspiracy Theory With Reality Steve

After all these years of The Bachelor episodes on Reality TV you might think the series would be fading into the world of TV Reruns except I don't think there are re-runs for any of the hit reality shows, at least not that I have seen.  Maybe but not as common as reruns of Will And Grace.

The current Bachelor is Jason Mesnick which has been very dramatic and has triggered many conspiracy theories with the most popular being RealitySteve's theories.

Besides the conspiracy theories the current Bachelor series has some unique twists.  Although he appears to be a nice guy, the reason he became the Bachelor is because he was dumped in last season's The Bachelorette Final Rose Ceremony by DeAnna Pappas.  At the time, many of the viewers were completely shocked because Jason seemed like a lock compared to Jesse, the wild child pro snowboarder she chose.

Did Jesse Have A Secret Girlfriend?

After The Final Rose Ceremony DeAnna and Jess only lasted a few months and then ended their relationship. 

In recent interviews about why things didn't work out, DeAnna mentioned Jesse's new girlfriend and although DeAnna didn't specifically say Jesse had a girlfriend while he was on The Bachelorette, other tidbits of information have come out that indeed Jesse had someone during his time on the show.

DeAnna Dumped Dallas Attorney Jeremy

The other shock about DeAnna on The Bachelorette is that she didn't pick Jeremy, my own personal favorite.  Jeremy seemed very sincere and of course he was from Dallas, my hometown.  I was rooting for Jeremy as were many of the Bachelorette fans.  Sadly Jeremy did not make it to the final rose although it was rumored for awhile he would be the current bachelor.  He and Jason, who did get the Bachelor nod, are actually close friends and are in constant contact.

The other interesting fact about the current Bachelor is that Jason Mesnick has a young son who lives with him and is part of the total equation.  As a result of Jason's status, single moms with young children were included in the group of bachelorettes.  Although Stephanie and her young daughter seemed like a good possibility, Jason has narrowed his final two choices down to Molly and Dallas based Melissa.

Final Rose Conspiracy Theories

As the end draws near for The Bachelor to make his final selection there have been many Conspiracy Theories floating about.  One theory is that DeAnna Pappas comes back to reclaim Jason and tells him "she made a mistake" and wants him back.

Another theory is that the winner of the Final Rose is Melissa because she wears a pinkie ring and some fans have been able to spot the ring on her little finger receiving the final rose.

Reality Steve Conspiracy Theory

The latest sizzling hot conspiracy theory comes from Blogger Steve Carbone aka RealitySteve a Dallas based blogger (just like moi) who follows The Bachelor closely.    Steve provides three lengthy videos on his site which he tapes of himself and his cute dog.  In his three videos he provides a full explanation of his theory.

Steve points out that he has "inside sources" and "the fact is that 'After the Final Rose' ceremony, which was taped in January.... Jason dumps Melissa and starts a relationship with Molly," Steve is very clear on his three video blogs.  He repeatedly says "I don't know what was said or how it was done."

Immediate Chemistry Between Jason And Molly

Adding to his Bachelor conspiracy theory, Steve says "everyone knew there was an immediate chemistry between Jason and Molly".  Of course this would be very bad.  The Bachelor producers "were worried that it would not make for good television if he chose someone so early."

Steve believes that Jason was told at some point in the process "if you want Molly, you're going to have to pick Melissa, because we're not going to show a nine-week season of you and Molly and a happy ending because that's not what people want to see."  RealitySteve points out "They want drama; they want conflict."

Well of course they do.  But I also think viewers want a wedding after all these seasons.  There has never been a wedding between a Bachelor and his Final Rose pick.

Melissa Never Saw It Coming

In his three video blogs Steve also says "Melissa never saw it coming."  He believes "Melissa was a pawn in ABC's game."  If so, yes, that would totally suck for Melissa.

However, if ABC and The Bachelor did use Melissa, hopefully they will "make it up to her" in some monetary way by making her the next Bachelorette or giving her some type of job involving on air time.  Everyone has said Melissa, who is gorgeous, has ambitions to be in the business.

Maybe Melissa is a pawn and didn't see it coming but if Reality Steve is correct, I hope she has the presence of mind to step and speak out for what she wants.

I also think Reality Steve, Jeremy and Melissa should all be on the Ellen Degeneres show as After The Final Rose show where all the various "behind the scene" goings on are exposed (Ellen, I'm available).  Within reason of course.  Remember that Ellen is a huge fan of the show and will be appropriate about what she reveals.  As anyone would expect her to be.

In the meantime stop by visit the RealitySteve blog and read eveything Steve has to say.  I find his theories fascinating.  He also has a very long interview with Jeremy (over 1 1/2 hours) which is fabulous.  If you liked Jeremy before, you will really like him after listening to the interview with Reality Steve.

Meanwhile, kudos to you Steve and keep up the good work.  I am a huge fan.

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