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Ellen Asks Is Jillian Next Bachelorette

Looking absolutely adorable in a very short charcoal gray skirt with a crisp white short sleeve shirt with cute pockets, a wide black belt and nude heels, Canadian Jillian Harris (29), the most recently ejected bachelorette was unbelievably cute.

She wore her below-the-shoulder, milk chocolate brown hair straight, sleek and shiny.

(Image of Jillian Harris - "Episode 1304" The Bachelor - - Craig Sjodin - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen was obviously excited to have Jillan on her show.  She told her viewers and guests "please welcome Jillian."  The saucy brunette bounced out onto the stage waving while flashing a gorgeous big smile.  She gave Ellen a huge hug and chatted privately with Ellen while the audience applauded.  In person Jill she is vivacious, bouncy and incredibly cute.

Ellen agreed with my thoughts and said "you look adorable. I love it.  You're wearing, you look adorable."

Jillian said "thank you."  Ellen opened the discussions about The Bachelor with Jillian by saying "you know, I've gotta say I've very surprised."  She was referring to the fact Jillian was not selected to be in the final two bachelorettes.

(Image L-R of Jason Melnick Jillian Harris - "Episode 1301" The Bachelor - - Craig Sjodin - All Rights Reserved).

Why Jillian Wasn't Selected For The Final Two

Jillian nodded "I was too."  She said "yeah."  Ellen mused "yeah, I mean, you don't really see it, until now you're watching it back like the rest of us.

So you just see your experience of it (the show).  She continued "so you don't know how he is with other women. But you were shocked, right?"

The beautiful bachelorette agreed "I think through the whole experience I thought I had such a great connection with him.  And I felt we connected on so many real life levels that I thought I had the cat in the bag. Now when I watch it I see he's got different relationships with each girl and I guess my real life relationship just didn't cut it."

Getting Heart Broken On Camera

Ellen replied "first of all I just thought you handled it so well because clearly you were upset, you were crying, and your heart was broken, you were falling in love with him. What a, I think, what a horrible thing to experience that like, just that rejection right there with a camera rolling. And you have to hold it together for the camera and you have real feelings."

Jillian said "well It's funny I have this little thing back home where everyone thinks I'm this strong Jilly. So it was kinda of, I needed this, but I just didn't know if I needed it in front of 12 million people."

(Image L-R of Jillian Harris and Jason Melnick - "Episode 1304"" The Bachelor - - Craig Sjodin - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen said "right, right." Jillian agreed "but it was really hard for me to see."

Watching The Bachelor Make Out With All The Other Women

Ellen asked "but what is that like to watch now him making out with every one one of those women and knowing you made out with? What does that feel like watching him hold every body's face the same, and kiss everybody the same?"

Jillian laughed and said "it feels like growing up in a small town in Northern Alberta.  She laughed and said...wait a second that's my boyfriend over there."

The Bachelorette said "no, part of it is the nature of what I signed up for and so I was prepared for it a little bit, but at the time you don't see him making out with the other girls and now I get to see it and I guess I have sorta healed myself. But I still get that little like ughhhh..whats going on."

Jillian said "I got a lot of first dates.  I got the first date, the first kiss, first hometown date, first overnight date. So at least I wasn't like the second or the third one."

(Image L-R of Jillian Harris and Jason Melnick - "Episode 1301"" The Bachelor - - Craig Sjodin - All Rights Reserved).

Ellen said "Right, I see, OK.  That still wouldn't help me.  That still would be like really hard for me to watch someone I'm with and that I'm feeling something for."

Jason Said They Didn't Have Chemistry

The funny lady said "so he said that he didn't feel like.  He thought you wanted too much of best friends and he didn't think you had that passion, that chemistry. But I just want to look at this hot tub scene with everybody and ask how could he possibly say."

Ellen showed a clip of Jillian and Jason in a hot tub kissing passionately and she had her legs wrapped around his waist in a very seductive pose.

Cameras In The Hot Tub

Ellen said "first of all do you now there's a camera right there?  Jillian squealed, laughed and looked away as if she was very embarrassed.

Ellen said "how are you doing that with a camera right there next to you?  How can you? Once in awhile when your eye opens do you just see the camera right there."

(Image L-R of Jillian Harris and Jason Melnick - "Episode 1301"" The Bachelor - - Craig Sjodin - All Rights Reserved).

JIillian said "there is a, I think there's a formula out there, a scientific formula in your body, studied this in biology.  After three glasses of wine you do not see cameras anymore.  They disappear."

Who Does Bachelor Pick

Ellen quizzed Jill, "yeah, who do you think he (Jason) does pick?  Now it's Molly and Melissa. Who do you think he picks?"

Jillian said "it's no secret with everybody that I had a great relationship with Melissa on the show, so I hope that he picks Melissa. And Jason's close to me, so maybe when I have my own 6'2 tall strapping successful guy we can all have barbeques together and hang out and laugh about it all."

Ellen reassured her "well you will, you'll find somebody. I mean. Do you think if they (ABC) would offer you - just like he got this because he was rejected by DeAnna. So do you think if they offered you would you do the experience again to meet somebody?"

Jillian smiled and looked at the people in the audience.  She said "what do you guys think?" The audience applauded.

Ellen said "would you be the bachelorette?  Would you do that?"  Jillian said "I mean, I always say you have to slay a couple of dragons before you get to the Prince.  I don't know.  I would be willing to give it a shot."

The funnylady said "it's free liquor.  If you look at it that way, there's a lot of alcohol, just free, all the time.  You know that's a plus."

Ellen finished with "alright, so the Tell All, the special episode of The Bachelor:  The Women Tell All is this Monday at 8:00 PM., which I can't wait to see."  She continued "and I can't wait to see who he picks.  Cause (they say) it's the most dramatic final rose ceremony ever.  I want to see the most dramatic ceremony."

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