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Margene Dyes Her Hair Platinum Blonde

Margene Heffman (Ginnifer Goodwin) is the youngest and currently the last wife of the Bill Henrickson family of three wives.

On the most recent Big Love - Episode 28 - "On Trial," Margene (Margie) shows up with her normal light brown hair bleached platinum blonde.

(Image of Ginnifer Goodwin as Margene Heffman on Big Love - HBO - All Rights Reserved.

The haircolor change is quite a shock to everyone in the family and as usual, the second wife, Nicolette attacks Margene for her platinum blonde hue telling the junior wife she looks "like a prostitute".

The senior wife, Barb, is shocked but manages to be more careful about what she says to Margene about her shocking hair transformation.

I was absolutely thrilled with the storyline for Margene because her mother, who she had a love/hate relationship with, had recently died.  Margene is struggling with handling the grief although she keeps telling everyone she has handled the death and is just fine.  It appears to everyone else she is not fine.

(Image of Ginnifer Goodwin as Margene with brunette tresses - HBO Big Love - All Rights Reserved).

When people go through any type of trauma they will often change their hair in some dramatic way to feel more in control.  When women go through a bad break-up or divorce they may cut their hair, change the texture or go with a drastic color change, just like Margie did.

Even though she thinks she has dealt with the loss of her mother, dying her hair such a drastic new color is very true to life.  I loved how the writers worked the hair color change into the storyline.  It was brilliant.

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