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Heidi Klum Wanted To Kiss Ellen On The Mouth

Heidi Klum - - All Rights Reserved.

Ellen introduced Heidi as "one of the sexiest women in the world and the host of Project Runway".  Heidi who looks incredibly tall next to Ellen, had to bend down to give her a kiss on the cheek.  Heidi came out onto the stage wearing a gorgeous red and gray plaid fitted gown with a black belt.  It was obvious they got along great and enjoyed playing pranks on each other.

After the former supermodel leaned over and gave Ellen a kiss on the cheek she played with holding her body up above the chair like Ellen does and as a result the music started and stopped. Heidi seemed to enjoy causing the music to go off and on.

Heidi greeted Ellen by saying, "before we start...I'm not going to mess up your hair today." Then she said before I came out "I was seeing the Nivea hugging and kissing thing....if I kiss you on the mouth does that mean double?"  Ellen made this funny face and laughed and Heidi puckered up.

Heidi Klum - - All Rights Reserved.

Heidi was referring to the Nivea campaign where Nivea awarded $1,000 for each kiss Ellen received when her guests greeted her on stage. The audience went crazy.

Heidi asked, "does that mean trouble? Will I get in trouble?" Ellen said, "it means trouble for me at home?  Kiss me on the cheek, yeah."  Heidi kissed her twice on the cheek and Ellen said it counted the same as double as if Heidi kissed her on the lips.

Ellen said, "we'll talk about that in a minute, I know how easy that is for you," and Heidi said what - kissing?"  Ellen said, "yes, I'll talk about that in a minute." Ellen asked Heidi is she had a special talent and talked about the talent that was demonstrated by her audience.

Heidi said, "I don't if I can follow any of this but I am very very good at the Chicken Dance" Ellen said, "really?" Heidi answered "yes" and asked Ellen "do you know the Chicken Dance?"

Heidi Klum - - All Rights Reserved.

Heidi started singing..nah, nah, hah and then she said, "but I can't do it by myself," and Ellen said, "yes you can."  And she said "because you go around."

She grabbed Ellen's hand and they did the chicken dance right on stage.  Heidi led with the dance movements.  They started dancing like chickens, clapped their hands and hooked arms and danced around and around the stage as the music played and the audience clapped along.

Ellen said, "I didn't know that dance" and Heidi said, "you learned very fast."  Ellen wanted to know if Heidi did the dance with her kids?"  Ellen said she would be doing the dance a lot now.  Ellen said she thought you just ask like a chicken.  Ellen said she "would do it a lot now."

Ellen changed the subject from the chicken dance and asked Heidi if she watched the game, referring to the recent Superbowl game.  Heidi asked "who won again?" she said. "I kinda fell asleep."

Heidi Klum - - All Rights Reserved.

She told Ellen she didn't really know who the two teams were that played but her husband watched it.  Heidi told Ellen her husband, Seal, is "a big sports fan" and that he "literally jumps out of his seat and screams at the tops of his lungs."

Heidi admitted she doesn't follow football or other sports.  Why?  She told Ellen "I don't have that sporty thing in me.  I didn't grow up here.  I don't really watch those games. I do go with my husband." Heidi said, "he loves going to the tennis matches."

The Project Runway hostess paused to catch her breath at that point and said "see how out of breath I am from doing the Chicken Dance.'

Ellen showed an image on her back screen of Heidi and Seal kissing.  Heidi said she wasn't even sure where the photo was taken and "she was not sure what the team was."  Ellen explained "Seal and Heidi went to the Lakers Game" and Heidi teased about where the game was.  She said "oh it was in Los Angeles".

Heidi Klum - - All Rights Reserved.

Ellen explained Heidi was on the "Kiss Cam" at the basketball game.  Ellen pointed out, "on the other side [of Heidi and Seal] is our friend Shelley."  Ellen told the audience, "Heidi was kissing Shelley first."  Heidi said, "I like to embarrass [Shelley].  I grabbed her.  My husband was like, 'what about me?'"

Ellen said "you really didn't care about the game?"  Heidi said, "I was into the popcorn and the beer. My favorite part is when [the basketball players] come out and they rip their pants off."  She demonstrated to Ellen how the players rip their pants off their body.

Heidi also talked about the basketball players.  She said, "They are huge.  I think my husband are very tall but those dudes are really tall."  She also talked about how she never "catches the basketball when it goes into the stands".  She told Ellen, "it's so unfair you should be able to keep it."  Heidi said, "when they throw [the ball] into the audience, I would totally keep it.  I'm not giving it back."

Ellen told Heidi: "you like to cause trouble."

Heidi talked to Ellen about her work with Diet Coke to promote curing heart disease for the second year in the row.  As she explained to Ellen, she is working on the project for the second time because heart disease "is the #1 killer."  It kills more people than all the cancers combined.

Ellen showed off a little pink pin in the shape of a hourglass because Heidi said, "I made this little pin in the shape of a hourglass because women are like an hourglass."  Ellen said, "well you are Heidi" but she wasn't sure about all women.  Heidi confirmed she designed the pin and it has little hearts on it.

After discussing the Diet Coke campaign Ellen and Heidi did a little dress off contest where they competed with each other to create new outfits.  At the end of the contest Heidi kissed Ellen on the mouth.  Which was what Ellen had refused to do earlier in the show.

I guess in this case the Super Model won out with her desire to kiss Ellen smack on the lips.

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