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Eric Dane And His Broken Penis

Grey's Anatomy Dr. McSteamy, Eric Dane stopped by to woof whistles and cat calls recently on Ellen.

Before he arrived on the stage Ellen had been playing around putting Eric's image into her new stage background beach scene complete with palm trees.

After the audience stopped clapping and whistling Ellen said "well don't you look handsome" and the gorgeous Eric told Ellen I'm "doing my best to bring my hotness to this chair." He had on a fabulous dark suit with light shirt.

Ellen said "Yes. And you have accomplished it sir, you have brought your hotness here." She asked "what are you doing for this Valentine's Day thing?"

Eric said "oh my love don't cost a thing."  He laughed  "I'm not... as I'm reaching into my pants."  He laughed as did Ellen. 

Valentine's Day

"No, ya know,  he continued "I find that Valentine's Day is one of those Holidays, like New Years, you know, you gear up and you try really hard to make it a really great night and you overshoot the driveway.   So I find that the less effort you put into it, the greater it becomes.   Like the wilting flowers you had. I mean, I don't think you would have sent the same message with perfect long stemmed red roses."

Ellen agreed "anyone can do that."  Eric said "more thought required with dead ones.  The whole bachelor's (ABC's The Bachelor) story."

Ellen said "like breaking and entering. It's probably private property. Hanging out there and everything. How long have you been married now?"

Dr. McSteamy said "four years."

Ellen said "does it get harder and harder every you try to top yourself? Or do you go backwards going?  At point a photo of Eric and Rebecca Gayheart (Dead Like Me) his wife was flashed on the screen

Ellen looked at the photo and said "you're a great looking couple.  You really are." Eric, referring to his wife Rebecca said "she's cute."  Ellen agreed saying "you're both cute."

Making A Baby

Ellen said "do you all want kids?  Eric said "we do.  We're currently working on that...not right this second." Ellen "No. I didn't see her here so." Eric  turned around and said "hey babe" as a joke.

Eric replied "no its funny because you get the doctors involved and they call you and it's like in eight days I have to put in some work. I know that for those four days I will be very busy and I probably shouldn't schedule anything else."  Ellen laughed "uh huh, oh that's a shame, tough work for you."   Eric agreed "hard work, great if you can get it."

Eric And His Broken Penis As Dr. McSteamy

Ellen changed the topic at that point and said "can I ask a question about something that happened to your character?"  Eric replied "we have pretty much covered everything else."

Ellen said "Ok.  I don't understand.  Something happened to your part - your body part."  Eric said "yeah..It's fine now."   Ellen pushed on "OK.  But What happened?"  She looked over at her producers and said "can we say it? What happened?"  her producers said OK.  Eric said "I thought you were going to say it." Ellen paused and said "OK. You broke your penis. How?"

Eric replied "I think I did, I broke my penis.  I think actually Lexi broke my penis." Ellen was confused about what he said and replied "No! Wait." Eric replied "It's possible to break your penis."

The funny lady agreed "it really is.  We are not making this up.  This is something that can happen. But how do you break.  The?"   Eric said "I don't know.  I was actually warned not to.  Don't do any research on this. Trust me.  Its possible. And Stay away from Google images.

Ellen said "but why do they call it break?" Eric they call it broken "because after it happens you can't use it for awhile."  Ellen said "its broken. I get that. Its not like a real break."

Eric said "I think it is."  Ellen said "you break a bone, you can't do that." Eric OK so "technically its not a bone." Ellen "That's what I'm asking about.  I even know that.  Even I know that its not a bone. I know that.  So....."

Katherine Heigl And T.R. Knight Leaving Grey's Anatomy

She changed the topic again and said "can I ask real quick before break? Now this is...reports say just because people are interested....that Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight are leaving the show (Grey's Anatomy)?"  Ellen pressed Eric "Is that accuracte?  Are they leaving.  You can't say?"

Eric looked a little uncomfortable "I don't really comment." on things like that.  He said "that's more a Shonda Rhimes (she is the show's creator) thing.

Until she says those two characters are no longer on the show they are on the show. I worked with them (Katherine and T.R. Knight) this morning. They were both very present."

Ellen said "Ok"  Eric said "I know you want to know and I get that.  Until the boss says this is going down its not happening."  Ellen said ....Okkkkk. But I see from your eyes they're leaving."

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