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Paris Hilton Doesn't Bring Sand To The Beach

Paris Hilton attended the 2009 Grammy Awards and stopped to chat briefly with Ryan Seacrest for the E! Live From The Red Carpet.  Paris was wearing a very short flirty gown which was multicolored.  She had on high heels and her hair was very blonde and above her ears in a cute bob.

Ryan asked Paris if she was single and she said she was.  They discussed who she wanted to see at the Grammys and she said there were lots of groups she wanted to see.

Ryan Seacrest asked Paris what the hottest Grammy afterparties were.  Paris told Ryan there were so many hot afterparties she didn't "know what she was going to do with herself."  She told Ryan after the Grammy Awards she is going to met up with her sister and some of their girlfriends and were going to have "a girls night out".

Ryan pressed Paris and said you're not going to take a guy to the parties?

Paris laughed and said "don't take sand to the beach" to let him know there would already be tons of hot men at the various parties.  I'm sure we will hear a lot about Paris and any trouble she gets into it.

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