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Naturally Curly Bangs How To Create

Bangs, known also as fringes in Europe, especially creating straight ones, have been a topic I have been writing about since the very beginning of 1997 when I first started writing articles about dealing with bangs.

Bangs - The Straight Scoop.

In my first article, Bangs The Straight Scoop,  I shared about my own naturally wavy/curly hair and what happens if I don't work hard to get the bangs stick straight.

(Image of Taylor Swift -

Recently naturally curly girls have been checking out the fringe on naturally curly celebs like Taylor Swift and Numb3r's co-star Sophina Brown.

The big question is no longer how to transform naturally wavy or curly bangs into sleek straight strands but how to create a wide range of bangs.

The different between Taylor Swift and Sophina Brown is the way they wear their bangs.

Note: Please keep in mind that all the naturally curly actresses mentioned in this blog have access to celebrity hairdressers who are very skilled at creating fabulous curls for their clients.

If you're rocking a full head of your own natural texture coiffed into gorgeous bouncy curls and/or ringlets like Taylor and Josphina, do you want to complement your natural curls with a matching curly fringe or do you want to contrast it like Taylor does and wear a sleek side-swept bang?

As actress Drew Barrymore recently said on Ellen Degeneres about constantly trying on different hair colors "I kinda love to rock all different colors. Life is short, try everything, you know.” Amen to that!

Tips For Creating Naturally Curly Bangs

Whether you decide you want to go with a sleek side-swept bang to complement your curls and/or waves or you want ringlet bangs like Sophina, it's important your bang hair is allowed to grow as long as the rest of your hair.  The shorter your front bang hair, the more difficult to create appropriate bangs.

If you prefer to have your fringe area shorter than the rest of your hair its still possible to get either straight or side-swept bangs or a ringlet fringe, but you will have to work a tiny bit harder at it then if your front hair is long enough to tuck behind your ears.

(Image of Bernadette Peters - Naturally Curly Hair - - All Rights Reserved).

Creating Taylor's Sleek Straight Side-Swept Fringe

If you want to combined Taylor's side-swept bangs with your natural curls and your hair is long enough to be side-swept complete the following steps:

Steps For Straight Bangs

1. Shampoo your hair as you normally do based on your hair's type, texture and current condition.  If you do a Conditioning Only (CO) or a diluted wash (DS/DW), follow your standard cleansing format.

Note: If you pre-treat or do a deep conditioning before your final rinse out, make sure you do that as well.

2.  Apply your favorite rinse-out conditioner if appropriate and then finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

3.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture.  Apply your regular styling cocktail which may or may not includes leave-in conditioner, defrisant, mousse and/or straightening cream.  Apply to all of your hair.

(Image of Taylor Swift - - All Rights Reserved).

4. Create the desired part (side, off-side or middle) using the long tail of a comb or the edge of a comb.  Select the hair you wish to pull into the side-swept section.

5.  Apply a straightening balm, cream or serum to your front fringe area which acts to protect hair from heat and smooth and straighten the texture.

6.  Using a boar bristle paddle brush (if you want straight strands) combine with a blow dryer with a nozzle and direct air flow down the strands from the roots to the ends.  Use the brush to anchor and hold the bangs area straight.

(Image of Taylor Swift - - All Rights Reserved).

When the fringe area is completely 100% dry, smoothe the hair and roll into a big loose loop. Secure with a smooth salon clip (to avoid creases) near the hairline to keep the bangs out of the way while you work on drying the rest of your hair in your normal manner either with a blow dryer, diffuser or even air drying.

(Image of Taylor Swift - - All Rights Reserved).

7.  When the rest of your hair is dry and either curled or straightened, unpin the fringe area.  If you want a looped side-swept bang like Taylors' use a medium barrel curling iron and great a big soft loop out of the bangs.  Finger pick the area very slightly to give hair a slightly feathered look.

8.  Take end of the bang area and pull towards one ear and tuck just a tiny piece of the end behind the ear and pin with a bobby pin the same color as your hair.  Spray the finished side-swept bang with hairspray for hole.

Straight No Side-Swept Bangs

If you want to wear straight, not side-swept bangs, unpin the bangs when you have finished styling the rest of your hair.  Use a flat iron for just a few seconds to straighten the front fringe exactly to your liking.  Use fingers to lightly tousle.

(Image of Taylor Swift - - All Rights Reserved).

Ringlet Bangs Like Sophina Brown

If you want to wear long saucy ringlets which hug your hairline and your forehead, like Sophina, you will follow all the steps above until Step Five.  Apply a curl enhancing styling cream or product to encourage your hair to curl as tightly as possible.

Separate hair along the hairline into approximately 1" sections.  Use your fingers and while your hair is damp, but not soaking wet, roll each section around one of your fingers to form a tight ringlet.  Pin the newly formed ringlet against your hairline.  Work around your entire forehead creating the ringlet forms.

Style the rest of your hair with a diffuser, blow dryer, hood dryer or air drying.  Once rest of hair is completely dry, test one of the pinned ringlets to see if it is also dry.  If it is, spray lightly with styling hairspray before unpinning the rest of the ringlets.

Unpin each one and then allow to cool from the hairspray.  Use your fingers to gently pull each ringlet and arrange it along your hair line.  If any one ringlet is too thick, gently pull it apart and rewrap it around your finger.

(Image of Sophina Brown - CBS - Shark - All Rights Reserved).

If you want more definition to the bang ringlets, use a very small barrel curling iron to fine tun the curls.

Wavy, Pin Curl, S Wave Bangs

If you're like Drew Barrymore you don't have to limit yourself to no bangs, straight bangs or ringlet bangs.  You can experiment with finger wave bangs, finger curls bangs, S wave bangs or a combination style.

(Image of Naturally Curly Girl Debra Messing - - All Rights Reserved).

Let your imagination be your own constraint for the type of naturally curly or wavy bangs you create.

The key to rocking naturally curly and/or wavy bangs is to love the look you have created and have total confidence when you wear it.

After all, you should only be styling your hair to please yourself and to make yourself feel beautiful, which you will be regardless of the fringe or bangs you select.

Share Your Own Bang Techniques

Do you have your own favorite naturally curly, wavy or straight bangs you like to create?  Please share your secrets with all of our hair obsessed girls.

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