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Penelope Cruz Loves Karaoke

Ellen Degeneres does a great job of featuring celebrity guests who are nominated for their work in Award Nominated films.  Today (February 4, 2009) Ellen had the absolutely gorgeous Penelope Cruz as her guest.

The famous actress has been generating amazing buzz for her role as Maria Elena in Woody Allen's Vicky Christina Barcelona (VCB).

Ellen introduced Penelope by saying Penelope "is a talented actress who just might win her first Academy award for her role as Maria Elena in Vicky Christina Barcelona (VCB)."

(Image of Penelope Cruz - 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Arrivals - 01-25-09 - - All rights reserved).

Ellen played a clip of the movie with Penelope, Javier Bardem and a very blonde Scarlett Johansson. It was the clip where Penelope is telling Scarlett she went through her suitcase and found photographs she took.

After the clip was finished Ellen said "please welcome Penelope Cruz".  The Spanish born actress glided onto the stage in high heels looking stunning in a chocolate brown fitted dress with 3/4 sleeves with her chocolate brown hair worn up in back in a soft messy updo and she hugged Ellen warmly.

(Image of Penelope Cruz - Chopin Outstanding Performer of the Year Presentation - 01-24-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Penelope's hair also was coiffed with a sleek center parted fringe which showed off her beautiful face.  She was poised, sweet, elegant and so incredibly charming.

The Movie - Vicky Christina Barcelona

Ellen told her audience while talking to Penelope "if you haven't seen the movie?  Who's seen Vicky Christina Barcelona?  You must see this movie, it is so, so good, it's one of my favorite movies of all time. Now. It really is." The actress said "oh thank you Ellen."  She told Penelope "and you were so fantastic in it."  Penelope said "Thank you so much."

Will Penelope Win For Her Work In Vicky Christina Barcelena?

Ellen said "and I really, I really think you're gonna win. I do. I think you're going to win. I don't want to jinx you but I think you will." Penelope said "Thank you. Thank you so much."

(Image of Penelope Cruz - Chopin Outstanding Performer of the Year Presentation - 01-24-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Penelope who is incredibly beautiful and charming said "I'm so excited about the nomination, I'm so grateful and I want to try to enjoy what is happening.  Because everything is going very fast.  Since they announced the nominations I have been doing interviews and working non-stop so I haven't had a moment to understand and digest what is happening."

Ellen quizzed Penelope "Right. Now do you really mean that?" The actress laughed and said "I do."

Ellen said "people say oh it s just an honor to be nominated and it is, it's great honor to be nominated.  How will you feel?  Have you practiced like a losing face? Like?

Penelope's Losing Face?

Penelope laughed and said "No I think its important to be grateful, and but also to be honest and to be humble, but to be honest. Because I have been working since I was 16-15 and I think I've done around 35 movies and I never dreamed about anything close to this.  I had no references around me of people that could even make a living out of anything related to art."

(Image of Penelope Cruz - Chopin Outstanding Performer of the Year Presentation - 01-24-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Penelope continued explaining "so to me everything that is happening is huge, more than I ever imagined. But its true that once you get the nomination and go through the whole adventure and once you are there sitting and once you are there of course you want to win.  And I think if you don't, you have to prepare yourself not to be depressed. And you have to prepare yourself to be surprised if you do."

She exclaimed "but of course who doesn't want to win?  Of course it would It would be incredible." Ellen asked Penelope, "so you already know how you will act like if you win?  Well you don't know." Penelope said "I have no idea. I can't say".

Ellen told Penelope she wanted to prepare Penelope for possibly losing.  She told her she wanted to practice with her. The actress laughed and asked "you want me to show you what I would do if I don't. Or if I do?"  We are all good at those faces. Ellen teased and said "lets see it."

And The Winner Of The Oscar Is......

She told Penelope that they were just practicing and said...."and the winner is....Marissa Tomei."

Penelope clapped and said "greatttt'.  But the thing is that I love Marissa.  And all of them. I am getting to know all of them these days because we see each other almost every day.  And you really also you get happy and excited for everyone else that is going through such a special thing."

(Penelope Cruz - VH1s 14th Annual Critic's Choice Awards Arrivals -01-08-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

The actress continued "I really mean that, I am in great great company amazing group of actresses and whatever happens I just feel grateful and I want to enjoy it and I really really mean that."

Ellen told Penelope "I can see that. I love you even more now."  She asked whether you win or lose, will you celebrate singing Karaoke?"

Penelope laughed "I am sure I will.  I am a big fan of Karaoke. I have one at home. Penelope continued laughing and said "I even do it alone, sometimes". Ellen panned "a lot of people do".  She asked "what is your favorite song?"

Penelope thought for a minute and said "I do a lot of Eminem. The song that goes "round the outside"  (Without Me) is one of my favorites."  Ellen nodded.

The actress said "that night, no matter whatever happens my family and my friends are going to have to do some Karoake for me.  We're going to celebrate no matter what."

Ellen said "you play a painter in the movie.  Are you artistic at all?  Penelope said "I am terrible, terrible at painting and drawing.   Really really really bad." Ellen said great.

At that point Ellen and Penelope went off to play Pictionary.  The interview was fantastic and after watching Penelope I'm definitely routing for her.

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