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Hair Soulmates Eva Longoria Parker And Ken Paves

Eva On Cover Of Glamour Magazine February 2009

Eva Longoria Parker told Glamour Magazine which featured her gorgeous image on the February 2009 cover "I believe in soulmates. It could be a lover, it could be a sister, it could be a best friend. It doesn't have to be romantic."

Could one of Eva's soul mates be a hairdresser?  Indeed, the hair man behind the beautiful hair worn by Eva was none other than Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves, who is also one of the star's very best friends.

"I love this cover with Eva!" Ken Paves exclaimed "I think it communicates the vibe of hair at the moment.  Hair is all about undone glamour; hair that is organic and real, enhancing the woman wearing it!"

Award Winning Inspiration

Exalting her "amazing beauty and  versatility" Ken has confided to me in the past that the actress, who is currently a L'Oreal spokesperson, has "perfect hair".

For one of Hollywood's most inspired hairdressers to tell me Eva has tresses which are "perfection - the most amazing hair in the entire world" was truly noteworthy.

The celebrity hairdresser confided to me he "pursued Eva as a client" back in 2004 because he "really loved her hair and wanted to work with her" as a client.  They have been working together every since then which is now approaching five years.

Red Carpet Hairstyles For 2009 Award Shows

Recently Ken wowed International Fashionistas by creating two incredibly Red Carpet hairstyles for the 2009 Golden Globe (GG) Awards followed by the Screen Actors Awards (SAG).

How does Ken continue to create ever changing but eternally stunning new hairstyles for Eva?  He has confessed to "being inspired by some of the great Hollywood beauties when designing hairstyles for Eva", one of "his favorite clients".

Reminiscing about a past photo shoot he did with Eva for British Glamour he recounted how he "coiffed her into a stunning Veronica Lake hairdo" which was "absolutely breathtaking".

Ken confessed that "he draws inspiration" for the collection of mind-blowing styles he has crafted for Eva over the past few years from 70s sirens Ali McGraw and Christy Turlington as well as glamorous film stars such as Bridgette Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor.

Of course Kenney, as he is known to his close friends, also searches for inspiration from Old Hollywood beauties such as Veronica Lake and other stars of her generation.

Ken adores working with Eva because, as he has told me many times, she "can look stunning in long, short, up, down, straight, curly or wavy styles".  Depending on her mood, the event, the gown and the accessories, Ken can whip up "sassy, sexy, chic, playful, cool, elegant or a combination".

Eva Longoria's 2009 Golden Globe Hairstyle

For the 2009 Golden Globes Ken told me he decided to "create a simple but elegant hairstyle" to work in "perfect harmony with Eva's exquisite red gown".  Ken confessed his inspiration for Eva's Red Carpet hairstyle was one of his favorites, 70s icon Ali McGraw.

Listed below are the steps Ken told me he followed to create Eva's stunning GG hair twist.

1.  Ken met Eva at her home to coif her style.  She had already washed, conditioned and towel-dried her tresses in preparation of his arrival.  A fan of L'Oreal products, Eva uses Ken's Healthy Hair Daily Shampoo along with her famous Healthy Hair Color Drops in brown.

2.  Ken applied a few drops of his Healthy Hair Curl Balm which provides lots of mileage to curled or wavy hair styles, to Eva's towel blotted tresses.

3.  He parted her hair down the middle blow drying 2" sections straight with a mixed-bristle Mason Pearson brush which is his favorite brush.  He has been using Mason Pearson brushes for years.

4.  Once Eva's hair was 100% dry he flat ironed all her hair separating it into individual 1 1/2 to 2" sections to guarantee absolutely sleekness throughout her entire head.

5.  Using his fingers and his trusy Mason Pearson brush Ken pulled her tresses into a low and tight ponytail nestled into the nape of the neck, which he secured with an elastic like his favorite Bungee Band or similar in the same color as Eva's hair.

Ken separated out a small section of Eva's hair and wrapped it around the base of her newly formed sleek pony to hide the band and then pinned it into place with bobby pins the same color as Eva's hair.

6.  He applied a few drops of his Healthy Hair Serum into the palms of his hands and massaged them together.   Ken lightly brushed the palms of his serum infused hands over the top of Eva's finished hair style being careful not to slick her hair too much around the hairline.

7.  The master hairdresser finished Eva's look by spraying her entire head with Healthy Hair Shaping Finishing Spray.

8.  Once the hairspray was completely dry Ken used his fingertips to carefully smooth any remaining strands until Eva's hair was coiffed to absolute Red Carpet perfection.

Eva's 2009 SAG Awards Hairstyle

Whereas Eva channelled Ali McGraw at the Golden Globes, for the following Screen Actors Guild Ken and Eva decided she should go with full blown Old Hollywood glamour to celebrate her spectacular gown.

(Image Of Eva Longoria Parker at 2009 SAG Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

How did Ken create Eva's stunning SAG Award hairstyle?  I caught up with Ken who was just back in LA from judging the Miss America Pageant in Las Vegas.  He had jetted back into town specifically to coif Eva for the SAG Awards.

Ken said "when I first saw Eva's dress, I felt it had a very elegant, glamorous, yet current feeling".

As a result, he "wanted to play up Eva's natural waves and add some Grace Kelly flair." Ken laughed and said he wanted to create "Grace Kelly "Longoria".  Indeed, Ken actually located some photos of Grace Kelly wearing a similar hairstyle with a stunning evening gown.

Ken pointed out while inspiration is a great way to create a spectacular new hair look "it's important to never let the inspiration take over the look, a woman must always be herself, confident and true."

Ken's Steps For Creating Eva Longoria's 2009 SAG Award Hairstyle

Ken graciously shared his step by step secrets for creating Eva's SAG hairstyle. He said "I began by using a volumizer on her partially air dried hair to create texture. I then tussled her hair with my fingers while I blew it dry; again to encourage her natural texture."

Wanting the hair to have an effortless feeling Ken reported "I allowed it to part in it's natural direction to the side. Once her hair was dry, I worked from her tussled, natural texture using a small 3/4″ curling iron."

He continued "I wanted a very natural texture, so I kept the sections random and allowed each section to hang loose and stretch while it cooled. I curled everything down and away from the part."

One he had curled the hair and it was cool, he coated his hands "with Ken Paves Healthy Hair shine serum and ran them through her hair from roots to ends to break up the wave."

Using a mixed bristle Mason Pearson brush, he reported "I finished the texture by brushing it out considerably."

Once "the texture was loose enough and looked effortless, I pulled the hair back and loosely held it in place with my fingers while I pinned it with bobby pins (in the same color as Eva's hair). It is important to create a flattering silhouette and shape tailored to each individual."

When he was happy with the final shape Ken "finished with some Healthy Hair Shaping hair spray for hold."

Have Fun - Appear Effortlessly Glamourous

Ken shared that Eva "is always willing to try something new and have fun. We laugh alot...alot!! It is truly effortless."  He noted "she didn't look in the mirror until the last ten minutes. These last minute adjustments are the most important so that it becomes a collaborative look that a woman feels is uniquely her own!"

The key to this "Old Hollywood Movie Star with a modern twist" look is to look as if you did it yourself and it took no time at all, true glamor appears effortless!

Ken said "Eva is a spokesperson for and loves L'Oreal products,".  He said "I am too a fan as well" but I also "use my Ken Paves Healthy Hair collection".

What The Future Holds For Eva And Ken

Ken and Eva will continue to collaborate on fabulous new hairstyles the the beautiful star.  Besides the Red Carpets, Ken, who was Eva's hairdresser at her wedding to Tony Parker, will be creating new looks for a variety of Eva's celebrity events.

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