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Bachelor Jason Agonized Over Stephanie's Send Off

Several things have become obvious during the current season of ABC's The Bachelor with Jason Melnick.

Jason Loves Brunettes

The first obvious thing is that Jason appears to really like brunettes.  Of the remaining four bachelorettes all of them are brunette except for Molly who has some blonde highlights but has a definitely brunette base.  I would classify Molly closer to being brunette than blonde.

It's interesting that Jason does appear to be attracted to brunettes because DeAnna Pappas, the Southern Belle Bachelorette who dumped Jason last season, was a sexy brunette.  Although rumors are running wild that Jason winds up with DeAnna, the other rumor is that he winds up with Melissa, the brunette Bachelorette from Dallas, Texas.

Why do the Bachelor fans think Melissa wins Jason's heart?  Apparently Mel, as Jason calls her, has obvious moles on her arm which show up in the snippets of the Final Rose Ceremony photos.  Could that be true?  With The Bachelor anything is possible.

Jason Did Not Stick With A Single Mom

Another obvious fact about Jason is that he did not keep any of the single moms.  Stephanie Hogan, 34, was the only remaining bachelorette with a child.

Although Jason told radio hosts his most fabulous date was with Stephanie and her four year old daughter Sophia, ultimately he sent Stephanie packing while he prepared to go on home visits with the four remaining bachelorettes - Jillian, Melissa, Naomi and Molly - none who have children.

A lot of noise was made at the beginning of The Bachelor about the single moms having the advantage because Jason was a single dad.  The whole single mom/single dad controversy has sparked some heated discussions on the web regarding whether men are willing to date single moms.  Do I have an opinion?  Since I have never been a single mom with kids I have no opinion on this hot topic.

Jason And The Bachelorette With The Gold Pinkie Ring

Meanwhile the mystery builds over who Jason will pick. Is it obvious who he will pick? Ellen Degeneres has said publicly it will be a shocking twist with DeAnna Pappas coming back and nabbing the ring.  However, there is a great YouTube Video by Handsome Pete (thank you Pete) which points out Melissa wears a gold pinkie ring and the woman who wins coincidentally is wearing a gold pinkie ring.

Other Obvious Things About The Bachelor

Besides his appreciation for brunettes and lack of chemistry with a single mom, it's obvious Jason is attracted to Southern girls like DeAnna and Melissa.  It's also obvious he has been more popular than many of the other bachelors which explains the impressive jump in week to week ratings for ABC who is very pleased.

Other obvious things?  There are still lots of Bachelor fans even after all the disappointments of previous bachelor bust-ups.

Which leaves me with some final thoughts.  Will Jason get through the next few dates without a total meltdown and will any of the women he rejected in this series wind up as the next Bachelorette.  Aha, stay tuned for the most dramatic final rose ceremony ever.  Well you get my drift.

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