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Fashion Emperor Nole Marin Knows True Beauty

If you're a fan of reality television, especially UPN's America's Next Top Model (ANTM) you probably know who Nolé Marin. He was most visible in Cycle 3 and Cycle 4.

(Image of Nolé Marin judge on ABC Reality Show - True Beauty - All Rights Reserved).

I remember him well during the time Eva Pigford was in the contest and actually won.  He was my all time favorite judge of America's Next Top Model with my next fav being Twiggy.

He has been a mainstay in the Tyra Banks created show which is still going strong after many seasons.  He also is one of the most recognized fashion editors of ELLE Magazine, the US version.

Nolé is a celebrity in the fashion industry and is the go-to guy when it comes to high fashion styling. 

Although now he is extremely busy as the new judge on ABC's True Beauty, Nolé used to occasionally do hair and wardrobe for models before their shoots and he is famous for organizing some of the incredible fashion spreads that are shown in ELLE Magazine.

True Beauty

I was thrilled when I saw that the fabulous Mr. Marin, who used to feud with Janice Dickenson when she was also on America's Next Top Model, was going to be a judge on the latest Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher reality show - True Beauty.  I think Nolé has a great fashion sense and tells it like it really is.  He cuts through the reality show clutter.

I think he is the perfect companion judge for Vanessa Minnillo who appears to be the spokesjudge and Cheryl Tiegs who is still incredibly beautiful after years as a supermodel.  Nolé is a perfect combination of Vanessa and Cheryl's personalities.

Besides having a long history of liking Nolé's work on ANTM, which I stopped watching after he left even though I loved Twiggy, and on E! and TV Guide, I really like the fact he is such an incredible dresser himself.  On the recent Episode 104 when CJ was eliminated I was literally mesmerized by the incredible suit, shirt and tie Nolé was wearing.

One of the True Beauty contestants confessed to watching how the male fashion guru dressed and has been trying to emulate him.  What a fabulous plan.  Throughout the entire show Nolé has been impeccably groomed in an ever changing array of gorgeous suits and ties, shirts, jackets, slacks and shoes - what you can see.  He could truly be a male model for perfect fashion sense.

All that, a sweet but fair judging style and he loves chihuahua, having his own Empress Minnie.  What a great choice.  I hope we see more of this fabulous reality TV judge in the future.

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