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Cosmetology School Insider Tips

Even though I had been working in the field of hair and beauty for many years before I decided to formally attend cosmetology school, I was ill prepared for the challenges which lay ahead.

The actions I could have undertaken before and during my training, which would have assisted me in being a better student and cosmetologist, were relatively simple.

Unfortunately, I just didn't think about those options until I was in the thick of taking classes and working hard to get my education.

Hit The Rewind Button

If I could "do it all over again" and hit rewind to Day One of Beauty School what would I do differently?

Listed below are my own tips and secrets on how to ensure a fabulous cosmetology college experience.

1. Gradually Pump Up Physical Activity Levels

I had no idea just how physically demanding cosmetology school really was.  Most people don't.  The first few weeks were a shock to my body and stamina.  At times my arms, hands and fingers would be so exhausted from the repetitive brushing, combing, blow drying and hair styling I wanted to cry.

While you may be extremely busy attending school and possibly holding down a part time job to fund your eduation, try to carve out time for yourself and your body.

Incorporate a regular exercise program into your life to build up your physical stamina.  If you don't have time for the health club, consider performing a simple at-home weight lifting program, walking more and building up your body to handle the increased demands of the hairdressing profession.

2.  Adopt Good Nutrition And Supplementation Habits

It's true what they say, you are what you eat.  Eat to support your body and when possible minimize use of caffeine and nicotine which causes physical imbalances and their own challenges.  Bolster your immune system by getting enough restful sleep to help fight off the increased exposure to germs from a constant stream of school visitors and student beauty clients.

3.  Practice Increased Sanitation

Although constant hand washing is required for sanitation purposes, crank up your own personal program a notch by keeping hands religiously sanitized through the use of extra products.

4.  Invest In The Best Shoes You Can Afford

Your feet are your fortune.  Research the very best type of shoes for cosmetologists.  Invest in at least one pair.  Nothing prevents absorption of knowledge more than sore feet and legs.  Consider all options from support hose and special shoes to ways to make continual standing on your feet less painful.

5.  Find Student And Teacher Mentors

While it's always tempting to gravitate towards fun students, look for advanced students in the Honors Program or on Student Council who specialize in your chosen field of expertise (color, cutting, styling, chemicals).

Get to know the best students in your area of interest starting on Day One.  When appropriate and you have secured advance permission, volunteer to help them with some of their tasks.  Those Honor Students are on the fast track to the best grades, best clients and ultimately the most desirable post-grad jobs.

Figure out which teachers are most experienced and seek them out appropriately for advice.

6.  Religiously Adhere To School Policies And Rules

If your true goal is to get through school and learn as much as possible, the last thing you want is to be viewed a troublemaker or rule breaker.  Always arrive at school early, leave late, dress pristinely and have a great attitude.  Take time for yourself every day to meditate, pray or strengthen your inner core.

7.  Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer

By volunteering to work late in the student product store I met the President of the Student Council, who volunteered there. The Student Body Prez gave me amazing tips on the best products to use for my projects and which teachers would help me with any problem clients.  She also wrote a great recommendation for me after school.

8.  Participate In Appropriate School Activities

My cosmo school sent volunteers into retirement villages to provide free hair and beauty services.  When possible participate in these events to get to know the teachers and students from a teamwork perspective.

Of course you should socialize appropriately to build strong bonds with your peers, but always be practical about your after school activities.

Everyone needs to have regular mental breaks.


Cosmetology college is very expensive and when you are paying your way like I was, it helps to get the very best education possible.  Striving for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance will serve you well during your journey.

Most importantly don't forget to have fun and cherish every minute of your education.  It's a great gift to learn to serve others in whatever educational path you take.

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