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Joey Fatone Works Red Carpets And Hints 'N Sync Reunion

Joey Fatone (Faah-tone) recently appeared on Ellen's show and came bounding out onto the stage in a long sleeve white shirt with the cuffs rolled up wearing a dark chocolate brown vest with wild plaid pants.

(Image of Joey Fatone and Lisa Rinna - 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Arrivals - 01-25-09 - - All Rights Reserved).

Joey is currently acting as a host on the TV Guide Network covering the Red Carpet for events like the recent 2009 Golden Globes and other big awards. Although not loved by everyone, Joey has been making definite news with his hosting duties.

When the 32 year old rock star came out on Ellen's stage he danced a lot.  Then Ellen danced with him.

Joey hugged and kissed Ellen so much her special Nivea hug and kiss meter shot way up.  The meter kept ding, ding, dinging.  The counter which appeared on the TV screen stopped at $8,000.  He asked Ellen "how was that?"  Ellen said "that was a lot."  Joey echoed "that was a lot?"

Ellen said, I don't know "we'll have to replay that to see how many but it was thousands of dollars."

(Joey Fatone and Family - World Premiere of "Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!" - 03-08-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

As Joey and Ellen continued to hug you could hear the dinging continuing. Ellen said "that's the noise coming from my head. That's not sound effects."

She then said "thank you Joey, you look so cute. He said "I'm trying." Ellen told him "you look fantastic."  He repeated "I'm trying".

Joey Fatone On Red Carpet For SAG Awards

Ellen asked Joey "hey did you do the SAG Awards the other night?" Joey replied "yes I did." The funny lady wanted to know "how was that?"

(Image of Lisa Rinna and Joey Fatone - 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Arrivals - 01-27-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Joey said "it's crazy.  It's really interesting to be on that side of the carpet.  It's a lot of mayhem, it's a lot of craziness."  He continued by saying "your brain is going a mile a minute you have someone yelling in your ear giving you kinda like helpful things" about the guests, the people on the carpet, "some questions" to ask.

Ellen said "whether they're nominated or not". Joey said yes, you "don't want to mess that up.  But it's happened you know."

Joey Fatone With Charlie Sheen At The Emmy Awards

He told the funny lady that "Charlie Sheen came up one time during one of the first Emmy awards" he did and "I was very nervous and I went up there" and I'm like "hey we have three and a half men and Charlie said no two and a half men" and Joey said "I'm sorry I was drinking".  Which Joey thought was funny, to talk to Charlie Sheen, of all people, about drinking.

Ellen wanted to know "do people come up that you have no idea who they are?" Joey said "yes, now I'm getting very familiar with it. The first couple of times I was literally, hi" and hte first few things he said "we have so and so and is it great to be here, are you happy?"  He told Ellen "you have to ask general questions so you don't look like a jerk."

Ellen agreed "right, you don't want to say great you're nominated and they're not nominated."  Joey said "its happened before but thank goodness it wasn't me that said it."

(Image of Joey Fatone - The 4th Annual Peapod Foundation Benefit Concert - 02-07-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Joey said "it was a really great awards, it was a lot of fun."  He pointed out "for me to be out there is such a weird thing to be on the side but its fun."

Ellen told him "now you can see how hard it is for people to come up with something original.  They all ask the same questions, but its really hard".

Getting 'N Sync Back Together?

Ellen said "lets get right to it. Are you all going to get back together?"  She was referring to 'N Sync and whether they would reunited.  Ellen pointed out "The New Kids On The Block are successful since they got back together."  She asked Joey "would you all get back together you think?"

(Image of Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake - - All Rights Reserved).

Joey told her "it's tough, its tough to get five guys in the same area now.  We don't even live in the same zip code for that matter."

He told Ellen "two of us are in Florida, three guys are here in LA, Lance (Bass) is twinkle toeing it up on tour, Justin (Timberlake) is recording (and traveling), JC (Chavez) is actually shooting a film I believe" and "Chris (Kirkpatrick) is in Orlando partying up and writing music."  He said "its weird to try to get the five of us" together but "you never know.  Maybe later on down the line."

Ellen asked if maybe they could get together for "just one thing" and "even not touring."  Joey agreed "maybe just right here."   Joey implied that maybe they might even reunited on Ellen's show although he was definitely vague.  Ellen told him "Justin comes by here a lot."  Joey said yes "I just talked to them a couple of days ago. He's been bouncing around" traveling around.

Joey's Daughter

Ellen asked Joey about his seven year old daughter and whether or not she was into the Jonas Brothers and whether or not she knew her dad was like the Jonas Brothers?"

Joey said "of course, of course" she is into the Jonas Brothers.  Apparently she also is beginning to know how popular her dad was when he was with 'N Sync.  Joey told Ellen recently "we went to light a Christmas tree in New York.  As we're walking down these people say hey Joe can we get your autograph and I was like OK cool" At that point his daugher said "Daddy why are they asking for your autograph?"  He said "because Daddy's cool that's why."

He said his daughter "thought about it for a minute" and then started to cry. He said "shy are you crying?" And his daughter said "you were in a rock band and you were cool and you were awesome and I’m nobody.’ I was like, "are you kidding me?’ and now people "are watching me" and "I'm thinking, oh great these people think I beat her, oh my goodness."

I basically said to her, "you know what, honestly, that means nothing to me. Yes, I was in a group but the best thing that ever happened to me was you." And she, thank goodness, stopped crying. I told her "you know what, who cares about all that stuff?" He told his daughter in essence that family is more important.

Joey's Wife

Ellen then told Joey she thought it was really cool that he knew his wife  and was with her long before 'N Sync even happened.  She asked Joey how long he has been with his wife and he said "high school." Ellen asked how many years it had been and Joey said "I lose track sometimes".

He said "it's been about 14 years - 1995." Then Ellen showed a photo of Joey with his wife from high school. Joey exclaimed "oh my god, look at the dork.  That's attractive.  That was in the phase when you wore the same outfits. We had the same outfits."

He told Ellen he has known his wife "when I was 16. I met her at a birthday party through a friend of mine. She hated me, she did not like me she thought I was a jerk, a drama geek and sang and danced. She was like, whatever."

When Joey met his wife he asked her for her phone number and she wouldn't give it to him.  Nor would she take his number.  She told him she would probably "lose it".

After that he "bumped into her at the mall, she said I was following her. But I wasn't, I probably wasn't". He told her "I keep running into you so let's go out on a date.  So that night we went out.  I didn't have a car or a license" so I had to ask my friend to drive us on a double date.

He said "then I tried to kiss her in the car and we bumped teeth and that was pretty dumb.  But hey we're married now".  Ellen said well "you pushed through all that."  Joey agreed "ten years.  I was on a ten year plan.  Gotta do that. Do all that. On our ten year anniversary I proposed."

Ellen told him she thought it was great and it probably kept Joey grounded.  He laughed and said well "she still thinks I'm nuts."

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