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The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Spills Secrets To Ellen

On Thursday, January 29th, Ellen had Chris Harrison the Host of ABC's The Bachelor on her daytime talk show.  Ellen greeted Chris and said "I want answers.  I watch the show.  I'm fascinated that people can fall in love so quickly."

(Image of Chris Harrison with former Bachelorette Jen Scheft - - All Rights Reserved).

Indeed Ellen is a huge fan of The Bachelor and the Bachelorette.  She always has the key players on her show and recently had Jason Mesnick on to talk about the current season.  Jason is unique as Bachelors go because he has a young son who is part of the equation.

The funny lady told Chris she found it all so strange that people could come on the show and it all seems like suddenly they are ready to fall in love and get married and have babies.

She noted the dates on the Bachelor show were fantastic, the contestants were on helicopters and on private jets and she said about the contestant "they're drunk out of their minds".  She asked Chris is the contestants were actually drunk?

Chris quipped about the contestants being drunk, well "not out of their minds."  Then he joked well "some of them are".

Of course anyone who watches the show knows the contestants often get excessively drunk and in some cases it will hurt a contestant's chances to remain on the show.

Do Contestants On Bachelor Shows Really Want To Find Love?

Ellen wanted to know "are they all there to find love?" Chris stopped Ellen before she could continue on her topic thread and said he wanted to first thank her "for being a champion of the show".  He told Ellen he believed a lot of the success of the show was tied to Ellen for constantly promoting it.  Chris said "we are successful because your audience is our audience".

Ellen wanted to know if the contestants all come for the right reasons - to find love, romance and marriage or just to be on television.  Chris said "I would say some come for the action, the adventure, the 15 minutes (of fame)."

Chris told Ellen he was sure that some of the contestants "are there for the wrong reasons" but it's like that in real life and it's up to The Bachelor to figure out who is there for them and who isn't.

Chris Harrison Always Present On Show

Ellen wanted to know if Chris was there all the time, for everything that happens on the show.  Chris said "I'm pretty creepy" and teased about getting a restraining order.

Although he said he's there for all the Rose Ceremonies "I'm not on all the dates" but he does get a complete download from the producers of everything that is happening on the show back at the house with the women and on all the dates.

Chris admitted that when it comes to the current bachelor - Jason - "I probably know more" about what is really going on "than Jason".  He told Ellen that he "gets both perspectives" from the viewpoint of the bachelor and the bachelorettes.

Does Chris Harrison Advise The Bachelor Who To Send Home?

Ellen wanted to know if Chris tried to guide the bachelor, for example, does he try to advise Jason who to pick and who to send home?  Chris said one of the reasons he was told he was picked to be the host of the show was because he was the guy next door who could keep perspective.

He did confess he couldn't tell Jason all the stuff that was going on in the house with the bachelorettes but if he is in the deliberation room with Jason he can provide his opinion, he can allude to certain details and he can gently lead him.

Bachelorette Shannon French Kissing Her Dog

For example, Chris mentioned this season's bachelorette - Shannon - who seemed to know a little too much about Jason from the very first show.  Chris discussed how Shannon, when she was sent him this week, talked about going home and getting her electric toothbrush so she could French kiss her dog when she got home.

Chris teased Ellen and asked if she kissed her pets with an open mouth.  Ellen said she limited her kissing of her pets to closed mouth kisses only.  She said she drew the line at French kissing.  Both of them seemed to think it was a little strange she announced she would be going home with her electric toothbrush to her pet.

Chris Harrison Shocked By Some Final Choices

Ellen wanted to know if Chris had been shocked by any of the picks that the various bachelors or bachelorettes had made.   He told the funny lady he was surprised during the most recent season of The Bachelorette with Deana and Jason.  Chris said he thought Deanna and Jason "made a better couple but she went instead for Jesse the Snowboarders".

Ellen wanted to know when Deanna comes back on the show.  Chris said "Deanna comes back soon".  Ellen said "I think he ends up with her (Deanna).  She told Chris when Jason was on the show recently he accidentally started to say yes about selecting the former bachelorette.

Deanna Comes Back

Chris told Ellen she wore Jason down.  Ellen said "I think its Deanna" and "if its not its not going to last".  She also told Chris "I don't see chemistry (between Jason) with anyone".  She underlined the fact "i don't see chemistry".

The Bachelor host seemed surprised with Ellen's comments about the lack of chemistry.  He told Ellen "I know how it ends so I see things a little differently."

Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Show Ever

Ellen teased Chris about the fact the show always claims to have "the most dramatic rose ceremony only".  Chris laughed and said "well wait until this week (coming up)."  Ellen did agree the rose ceremony was pretty dramatic this week because Jason didn't give out the final rose and sent four bachelorettes home instead of three.

Chris laughed and said it really does get more and more dramatic.  He said the reason is because the show just keeps getting better and better.

Final Thoughts

I guess the viewers and Ellen Degeneres will just have to wait and see how it all plays out.  Will Jason end up with Deanna or will it be Jillian or someone else?  Let me know your thoughts.

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