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Great Hair Rocks Lady Antebellum

Have you heard of Lady Antebellum?  Originally the sizzling hot new band known for short as LadyA caught my eye because of the long luscious waves of the beautiful female singer/songwriter Hillary Scott.

(Image of Lady Antebellum - Dave Haywood, Hilary Scott and Charles Kelley - - All Rights Reserved).

I am also a fan of their music and love I Run To you.

Besides having beautiful voices the trio have some great hair going on.  What could be better than great tunes, great voices and great hair?

The band has only been together for approximately three years but already has a self-titled album which was their debut work.  The Lady Antebellum album has been out for just about a year but has been extremely popular.

Actually the album has hit the No.1 spot and had two Top 20 singles.  The group was nominated for two Grammy nominations for Best New Artist and Best Country Performance by a Duo or a Group.

In the summer of 2006, three gifted young adults walked into a house hoping to create music together—and Lady Antebellum walked out.

The sound that Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood cooked up while hanging at the Nashville-area home of Charles’ brother throughout the summer of 2006 is a unique blend that mingles classic country, 1960s R&B soulfulness and the heart-on-the-sleeve openness of 1970s singer-songwriters, all presented with a razor-sharp contemporary edge.

It’s a sound that had Lady Antebellum, as the threesome dubbed itself, generating deafening buzz as one of modern country’s brightest hopes even before the release of their new self-titled debut album.

Hillary Scott

Hillary Scott told The "I don't think I've really comprehended it, because I still feel like I'm this dorky girl who likes to write songs and wear fancy clothes."  She also said "It's definitely been a year of such amazing things. And now that we're here, we really have to prove ourselves, because so many people are going, 'Who are these people?'"

The up and coming sizzling hot band has joined forces with Kenny and Keith as in Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban.  They will be touring throughout the United States and Canada for the upcoming year.  It's unlikely Lady A will stay a small act.

Even though the group is skyrocketing in popularity Hillary says "they're not getting cocky ... or lazy".  "We don't want to be a blip on the map," she says. "We want to have staying power and build a career and not just be a flash in the pan. So now is when we really buckle down, bust our butts and prove ourselves."

If you haven't listened to the band's tune you should check them out.  If you are not familiar with Lady Antebellum's three gorgeous members with their gorgeous tresses, well do I need to say more?

Dave Haywood

The Lady Antebellum trio was interviewed on Katie Couric's All Access Grammy Special.  During that interview it was revealed that Dave Haywood had been an internal auditor before he joined Lady Antellum.

Dave has lots of thick glossy dark brown hair and a fabulous beard.

What Do You Think?

I just want everyone reading this to remember that I blogged about Lady Antebellum before they took the entire world by storm.

Please tell me what you think about Lady Antebellum and which one of the members has the best tresses?

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