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Great Hair Through Rolfing With Sam Johnson

Can I promise if you commit to the ten basic sessions with a Certified Rolfer you will instantly grow great hair?  Nope. I never make any promises about hair I can't guarantee or at least show proof is a possibility.  However, I can share my own experiences about rolfing and how it has helped me, my hair and my overall self esteem.

I actually believe self esteem is just as key to great hair as any shampoo, conditioner or other hair product you can pour onto your head.

What Is Rolfing?

There's a lot of misinformation about Rolfing by people who had not experienced it.  Wikipedia has a pretty good definition.   The technique, founded by Ida Rolf, is a system of soft tissue manipulation.  The term Rolfing is a registered trademark of the Rolf Institute of Boulder Colorado.

The stated objectives of the Rolfing system include the claims that practitioners are attempting to realign the body structurally and harmonize it in relation to gravity.  There are a lot of other claims which can be made about Rolfing although they have not been scientifically proven.

Regardless of what you might read, Rolfing is not really like deep tissue massage except possibly for the intensity of the touch to the body.  I also am a big believer in the benefits of regular deep tissue massage but the results I experience from Rolfing versus deep tissue massage are very different.

Does Rolfing Make Hair Grow?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence whether Rolfing will help grow hair or give you great hair.  However, any time you do anything to help balance your body, make it stronger or healthier it can have a ripple effect helping your circulatory system which feeds the roots of your hair and improves your skin.

Does Rolfing Hurt?

There are lots of misconceptions about Rolfing.  I personally have been getting rolfed since 1981 back in St. Louis with one of the original rolfers who studied directly with Ida Rolf - Eugene "Bub-In" Wagner.  After I moved to Dallas I started working with Sam Johnson who is one of the very best rolfers in the Dallas area.  I have worked non-stop  with Sam for over 20+ years.

Does Rolfing Promise Great Hair?

I can't say that rolfing will promise great hair.  Certainly you should not undertake the committment of the first ten rolfing sessions because you think it will give you great hair.  But a body in balance means everything from your hair to your skin will be better.  You can't have great hair if your body is ill or out of balance.  From that viewpoint I believe rolfing can help.  I know it helps me, but then that is just me.

Again, my philosophy is always find what works best for your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The same is true about your hair.  Find the products which work best for your hair and find the techniques which seem to make a difference.  Many people regular massage will help grow healthier and more beautiful hair because of the increased circulation from the massage.  Rolfing also improves the overall circulation and from that view can also be a bonus.

Would I recommend Rolfing to get great hair?  Probably not but I certainly would consider its potential advantages.  Of course I look everything to see what pros and cons might play out and how it might help the total me as well as my hair.

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