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Dana Delany Buys Prada For 2009 SAG And Is Her Own Stylist

Desperate Housewife Dana Delany (Katherine Mayfair) was resplendent in a light and dark emerald green hued gown with her trademark red tresses worn in soft curls and waves.

Dana's hair was swept completely offer her face with one side tucked seductively behind her ear.  The other side was swept over the top of her crown from a short side part.

A beautiful sweep of hair nestled into the top of her cheekbone and blossomed into a gorgeous array of stunning curls and waves.

(Image of Dana Delany - 2009 SAG Awards - - All Rights Reserved).

Dana made a point of telling E! when she was interviewed live on the Red Carpet that she was "wearing Prada" but it was "from her own closet" and not borrowed or from a stylist. 

When asked if she had the dress for some time Dana said she "just bought it about one month ago".

She made it clear she is her "own stylist" and doesn't work with anyone else.  The actress did say she was wearing borrowed jewels (bracelet and earrings) from Neil Lane since she "couldn't afford" on her own, but the dress was definitely all hers.

Dana said she didn't "buy into the whole stylist thing".

(Image of Dana Delaney - Fendi "Ten Baguettes For Ten Years" Exhibition - 02-13-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

When asked if she remembered what job she did in order to get her first SAG card she said it was a long time agon when she did a commercial for chewing gum.

The actual gum?  Sugar Free, Care Free gum although Dana is not sure if the commercial was ever aired.  Regardless, it got her the prized SAG card and Dana has been a member ever since.

Although Dana was very outspoken about not buying into the Celebrity Stylist movement one has to wonder if she does her own hair or not?  Her hairstyle looked really beautiful.  Did she do her own hair?  Or did she allow one of the myriads of celebrity hairdressers to finetune those stunning curls for her?

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