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James Denton Spills Desperate Housewives Finale Secrets

Neal McDonough, Dana Delany, James Denton on Desperate Housewives

James Denton Spills Desperate Housewives Finale Secrets

James Denton (Mike Delfino on ABC's Desperate Housewives) appeared on The Bonnie Hunt show today (Wednesday, May 13, 2009).

He was her first guest after her opening monologue and after she called a lucky fan who won a trip to Australia.

Warning: Spoilers contained in this article.  Please stop reading if you don't want to know.

After James, dressed in a gorgeous light blue sweater and jeans,  slide down Bonnie's famous firehouse poll Bonnie told him "you know really, you notice....welcome, welcome back.  We're so happy to have you again.

Cause last time you were just such a....."  James said "we had fun, way back in week one."

Dana Delany, Neal McDonough on Desperate Housewives

Bonnie said ", you were nice enough to believe, it was really nice of you to come do the show when I was just starting out.  We get such a huge response when you are on the show.

We love you on the show, but it's always like a bonus when an actor goes on a talk show and they have some substance and it's like....oh, that's nice."

James laughed and said "same is true for hosts."  Bonnie said "ahhhh, well it's true, I'm not saying actors don't have substance, I'm just saying it's nice, it's a bonus."

Bonnie then showed the audience some pictures that she said she brought out of James.  She asked James if he minded and he said "I don't mind a bit."

Bonnie showed a photo of James with his wife (Erin) and two gorgeous kids and said "this photo you go....Holy Toledo have you won the lottery or what?  And I mean the Lottery Of Life."  The audience oohed at the beautiful photo of the family.

James laughed and said "we kinda did.  Yeah, we're very fortunate, you can tell they got their looks from their mother - Thank God!"  Bonnie said "Oh, yeah, yeah" and James continued "a bunch of blondies and then the old man (James) in the middle."

Indeed, the family is gorgeous with a wife and two children with blonde hair and beautiful eyes.

Dana Delaney And James Denton On Desperate Housewives

Bonnie said "you guys just got back from a family trip?"  James replied "we did, we went to Houston to do a benefit for the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and go to the Astros Game - I'm a baseball freak."

James continued "but we, yeah, we did a lot of great work and so we raised some money and went to the baseball game.  And it was really fun,  yeah we had a great time, we sat with the former President and (his wife) Barbara (Bush).

You know they come to all the Astros games.  His son (George W) calls him 41, but he's actually the 40th President and that drives me crazy but..."

Bonnie said "what...oh yeah they own the team."

Bonnie asked "did you guys like pass the beers down and the hotdogs?"  James said "we didn't, but Barbara keeps score but its pretty cool to see someone so into it and she keeps the pencil and the pad..and she' did he get on...I missed it (James demonstrated Barbara Bush looking around and whipping her head around).

Dana Delaney And James Denton On Desperate Housewives

He continued "She's (Barbara Bush) really into it and they were really gracious and very nice and the secret service guys were not obtrusive and it was fun.  But they're always there behind the plate at all the Astros Games.  So it was a big thrill to meet those guys, regardless of you know, your politics or anything they're really nice people  Really nice folks."

Bonnie agreed and said "yeah" and then she asked James "and you own, you're part owner of a minor league team?"

James laughed and said "we own the mortgage on a baseball team. Yes. Sorta like owning a house.  But yeah, The Orange County Fires (minor league baseball team), we were in the Independent League (baseball farm team)."  Bonnie said "How fantastic.  That must be your dream come true."

James said "it is and it means my wife is a very good sport.  We played out of Orange County."  Bonnie said "oh really, house or baseball team."

James said "Exactly.  I know, because we can barely afford both. It's not a big money maker but we have a great time.  We won the championship down there last year and kids hanging on trying to get to the big leagues and its a lot of fun.

Bonnie then showed photos of James' son and said "Oh I love these shots of your son (dressed in a Dodger's outfit) getting the baseball fever.  You guys look at these.  There's Sheppard."  The audience applauded.

Dana Delaney And James Denton On Desperate Housewives

The hostess also showed a photo of James' son (Sheppard) looking adoringly at Jeff Kent.  James said "I love the look on his face here."  Bonnie said "I know."

The actor said "he's a big Jeff Kent fan and Jeff's a really great guy."

Bonnie said "he can't believe what he's seeing. It's like, it was like me with those paintings in my dressing room (which Bonnie discussed in her monologue).  But he really is in awe."  James laughed at Bonnie's comments.

James said "yeah, he really is, he's a funny kid and he's a big baseball fan and Jeff was really nice to him and signed a baseball for him.:

Bonnie laughed and said "the last time you were hear you were telling us about him (Sheppard) uh wearing the clip-on tie."

James laughed and agreed "oh yeah he has to, whenever we go out to eat he always puts on a tie and that's completely on his own and I don't know where it came from."

Bonnie laughed and said "I know he loves the clip-on tie" and then showed the audience a photo of James' son wearing a red clip-on tie.  it was an adorable photo.

James laughed and said to Bonnie, after she showed the photo, "we have the whole collection there, don't we?"  Bonnie said "I'm sorry, you know what, there's all the moms and dads at home watching and you gotta say, this is, family life, is the best there is...right?"  James said "give them equal time." Bonnie then showed a photo of James' beautiful blonde haired daughter.

James said "plus I'm a frustrated amateur photographer so I take so many pictures.  I used to have a dark room, but now I'm a dinosaur because its all digital so...."

Desperate Housewives & James Denton Bobble Head Characters

Neal McDonough On Desperate Housewives

Bonnie said "oh I know."  She laughed and said "wait, wait, the baseball, I've got your bobble heads, your baseball bobble heads." Bonnie laughed.

James said "you've got what?" Bonnie pulled out a bobble head guy and said "well first of all, bobble heads from Desperate Housewives".   James said "oh great, very nice.  It looks exactly like me too (he was being sarcastic because the Bobble Head didn't look anything like him)."

James started playing with the Bobble Head that said James Denton on the bottom and he said "and he always agrees with you which is really great.  I don't know...this is fantastic."   Bonnie said "this is the perfect outfit" and brought out two different Bobble Head characters.  She asked him "what's this one?"

The actor said "well this was the first year and this was last year."  He continued and said "after this one (pointing to most recent one) we kinda gave them a hard time because it looks like John C. Riley more than it does me.  So they took a bunch of pictures last year to do this one and its not much better."

Bonnie said we've got to get a picture of John C. Riley and show a split screen guys." The show then showed a photo of actor John C. Riley in a split screen next to the James Denton bobble head.  The photo of John C. Riley was also superimposed on a bobble head and then they animated his head to bob.  It was hilarious.

Teri Hatcher Threw Out Opening Pitch For Baseball Team

The Desperate Housewives

James said "even John agrees" about the Bobble Head not looking like James but more like him.

He continued "we will do uh anything to get people to the park.  So it was about Housewives Bobble Head night.  And Teri Hatcher, god love her, came out and threw the first pitch and Marc Cherry came out.  They've been. The guys have been real supportive about coming out.  So it's fun.   The only downside is you get your likeness (on a bobble head)."

Bonnie was playing with the Bobble Head characters and their heads were shaking up and down and she said "it looks like they're having an argument."  James agreed and pointed to one of the characters and said "this ones after the steroids and this one's after the drug tests."

Bonnie reminded James "wait Sheppard's here."  James laughed and said "oh right, exactly, don't tell him daddy's juiced.  He's seen me play, he knows I'm not juiced.  He knows I'm clean."

Bonnie asked if he could come out and talk to them, but only if James was comfortable with it because as Bonnie pointed out "he's such a fascinating young man."

James told Bonnie his son left the house dressed as Indiana Jones.  Indeed, when James' son came out on the show he was dressed in an outfit complete with an Indiana Jones style hat and rope.

Sheppard was adorable.  He told Bonnie that his favorite Desperate Housewife was his dad.  However James told Bonnie that Teri Hatcher was a great friend of the family.  He also asked Bonnie if he could say hello to his little sister Malin O'Brien Denton.  Sheppard said hello to "MaMa".

James Spills About Desperate Housewife Finale

Bonnie wanted to know what would happen in the season finale of Desperate Housewives and asked James if he could spill the beans with his son present.  James turned to Sheppard and asked if he knew what was going to happen.

James said "it's (the finale) is going to be great.  The best thing about it (the finale) I have to admit probably is Neal McDonough (Dave Williams).  He's been, our show lives and dies with the mystery and Neal has been so great" Bonnie said "so diabolical" Neal is so great, he's so good, it's a tough role, they had him killing all these people as a way to getting his revenge and he's not a murderer.  He's a father who's kinda lost and trying to get revenge and he's playing it so delicately and I love him..and we're really going to miss him."  He laughed and said "better him than me."  Bonnie said "don't spoil it."

Bonnie said "look, your story is getting really complex."  James said everyone is so grateful, so lucky, for Desperate Housewives and that they have had a great 115 episodes in. And who knew?"

Desperate Housewives Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Bonnie said she still really enjoys the show and can't see it going away anytime soon.

James said "they cast the right women.  I mean, to make those characters likeable with the things that they do, and you know, the people still pull for them...I think getting those four women and Nicollette and now Dana was just a stroke of genius.  That's why we're still there."  Bonnie said "well you're really solid too my friend.  I love watching you. On that show you're just great."

Bonnie thanked James for sharing Sheppard with them.  James then thanked Bonnie for letting Sheppard come out on the show and said "we were having a little Father/Son day so thanks for letting him come out."  Bonnie said "no, it was a privilege for us."

Bonnie also asked James if he would play his guitar for them.  James briefly discussed the all celebrity band he was in.  The actor said all the money that they make from their Band From TV goes to charity.  He mentioned all the names of the people in the band.  He also said that they were playing in Miami this weekend for anyone who wanted to come by.

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