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Brendan Fraiser Wore A Butt Flapp

Actor Brendan Fraiser was recently a guest on Ellen Degeneres to promote his latest movie which is Inkheart.  Ellen introducted Brendan by playing a clip of the movie.  She also reminded her audience he's the star of Crash and The Mummy series.

Ellen didn't read off a list of Brendan's work but of course his fans know that he has been in lots of different acting venues since 1991 including George of The Jungle and The Center of The Earth.  Brendan has several new films either about to be released or he is currently filming them.

The Inkheart film has just opened and has a glittering cast including Helen Mirren and Paul Bettany, to name just a few.  Brendan has the lead role and plays Mo 'Silvertongue' Folchart.

When Ellen introduced Brendan he came dancing out onto the stage wearing well fitted jeans and a soft sand hued shirt and matching jacket with a sand colored tie.  Magic Man from Heart was playing during his entry onto the stage which seemed like an appropriate selection.

Brendan's hair was cut very short which may be due to the fact he has been in the media recently for his thinning hair.  In the early days of his career Brendan was known for his full head of hair which as he ages becomes less full.

It was obvious from the beginning that Brendan was very playful.  He wanted to lift his legs up in the air and slide down into the chair, which Ellen often does after she finishes dancing around the stage.

Ellen told Brendan he looked great and she mentioned she hadn't seen the actor "in awhile".  Brendan agreed "it's been some time."  He told Ellen "lots of things have happened, films have happened in my life".

Brendan told the hostestt "I hope people come see the picture (Inkheart)".  He reported that on the journey he took to get to acting in the film.  He said "it's unusual but the author sent me her novel.  I didn't know who she was".

As the story goes, the author sent Brendan her novel when it was published with a note inside the front cover that said "Dear Brendan, thank you for inspiring this character".  Brendan told Ellen his reaction was "Huh?"  She also wrote "I hope someday you get to read it outloud to your kids".

Brendan said "I thought someone was doing a literary punk on my house"   He decided to check into the situation further and looked the writer up online.  He also read the book and discovered "it was a very good read".  Brendan told Ellen the writer "is very prolific. Printed into 30 different languages".

From his initial research he went into "wor, work, work"and now the movie is finished with am amazing cast.  He loved that the villian in this tale was Gallum, he was King Kong.  Brendan said the movie is "about when a man reads along.  It is about the power of the spoken word.  It is things coming to life with dire consequences."

Brendan told Ellen and the audience "come and check it out for yourselves".

Ellen showed a large image of Brendan with his three sons at the back of the stage.   She asked the actor "have your kids watched the movie?"  Then she said, how old are your kids?"

Brendan, who was being very playful, said "6, 4 and 2" are the ages of my sons.  Ellen referenced the large picture of Brendan standing in an empty field with his three sons.  She said "you're adorable in open field".

Ellen then said "they're not really there - that's a photograph."

In response to Ellen's question - have your sons seen your films - Brendan replied "my middle son Holden has seen George of the Jungle".  Before Ellen could comment Brendan said "wait, it gets better".  He said "I come home one day and he says "Daddy, you were nudie (referring to Brendan in George of the Jungle".  Brendan replied "noooooooooo, I wore a butt flap".  Then apparently his son said "butt flap, butt flap, butt flap".

The entire retelling about George of the Jungle and Brendan's son with the butt flap was beyond hilarious.  The story about Brendan's son and his flap were the end of the segment with Ellen who reminded all of her viewers to go and see the new Inkheart film which is now open in theaters.

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