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Amy Adams Rocks Gorgeous Updo Hairstyle At 2009 SAG Awards

Amy Adams looked very different at the 2009 SAG Awards then she did at the 2009 Golden Globes just a few weeks ago.  This time the gorgeous nominated star was wearing her hair in a stunning textured updo and she had on a stunning plum hued fitted gown with a beautiful ruffled accent along the front.

A True Girlie Girl

Amy was interviewed live on the Red Carpet and was asked if she's a "girlie girl."  Any laughed and said "yes, she is definitely a "girly girl" and "very close to all her girlfriends".  Amy said she especially "takes delight in her girlfriend's happiness."

Amy was asked about her recent engagement.  The red haired actress said she actually had gotten engaged back in 2008 in April.  She proudly showed off her beautiful ring.

When asked where her finance was Amy said he was off to the side having a "very deep conversation with someone".

Drama Of A Train On A Gown

Amy was asked if her finance enjoyed coming to the various award shows.  Amy laughed and said "he tolerates them" and he was "very happy her gown didn't have a train this time" because it always caused "drama" when there was train that could be stepped on or ripped.

Great Reason To Wed - New Towels

The nominee for her role in 'Doubt' was then asked if she had picked a wedding date yet.  "No" she replied we have to work on that.  She also announced she still had to take the time to go and register for her wedding gifts.  Amy laughed and said she was looking forward to "getting new towels"  because after all "that's the best part of getting married".  It was a hilarious comment from a stunningly beautiful actress who looked gorgeous in her updo.

Amy Adams comes across as very soft and sweet and girly but based on Meryl Streeps acceptance speech where she said she wanted to thank "the very funny Amy Adams" it seems Amy may be different than she seems on the surface.  But in a very good way.

Hair By Celebrity Hairdresser Mark Townsend

Amy's hair was coiffed by Celebrity Hairdresser Mark Townsend who is also a Celebrity Hairdresser for Matrix.

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