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2009 SAG Awards Fun Fabulous Touching

As a celebrity hair watcher it is my responsibility to commit to watching all of the annual awards shows.  And watch I do.  Whether I am glued to my notebook or jotting down notes on my iPhone, I am definitely involved.  I watch the Golden Globes, The People's Choice, The Oscars and basically any event that is televised and has the words Red Carpet of Award Shows attached to it.

Sometimes i have lots of challenges covering the various awards.  Even though I'm on the masthead of a "legitimate" celebrity magazine - 101 Celebrity Hairstyles (as an editor for eight years) - sometimes I have a hard time getting the appropriate credentials to be able to login to the events.  Which is frustrating because all I really want to do is publicize the awards, the celebrities, their hairstyles and any good fashion or beauty related scoops. 

Maybe I'm twisted but I always wonder why the award sites aren't more anxious about getting as much media coverage as possible?  But then maybe the Web still doesn't count as official media?  Or maybe hair and beauty just doesn't instill the same respect as other Internet media sites.  Who knows?

One Of The Good Media Guys

I'm one of the nice "media" guys. My policy has always been if I can't say something nice, I just don't say it at all.  There's so much to write about, I don't get mired in any unnecessary muck.

Unfortunately some of the media on the Web have established themselves as mega bitchy.  As a result, bad behaviors by some bloggers and related websites have tainted all of us as the "bad media".

Regardless of my challenges getting "official" images and related content, I go to the other side of the street and buy whatever images I might need.  Unfortunately the paid sites are often behind the "official sites" when it comes to making the images available.

The SAG Awards

Which brings me to the SAG Awards.  I have to say that even though I have never attended an awards, never hung over the railing of a Red Carpet barrier, snapped frantically at the celebs or tried to interview them, I have watched literally hundreds of award shows over the past 12 years during my time with

SAG Has Its Own Energy

Each award has its own energy, personality if you will.  I personally love the SAG awards best.  Why?  First of all the actors are nominated by their own peers.  Actors nominating actors.  While there will always be politics, with the SAG it feels more authentic and full of integrity.

It also feels like a party with everyone sitting a long tables and hanging out with their friends.  Laura Dern told E! she loved the SAGs because she had worked with so many people who come to the awards.  She noted she had worked with Diane Lane when Laura was twelve years old.

The speeches seem so much more genuine and touching.  It feels like Old Hollywood and great acting all wrapped into one great evening.

SAGs Are My Favorite Awards Show

The SAGs are also one awards show I devote more attention to than any other show.  I write pages and pages of notes, TIVO everything I can to replay acceptance speeches and surf for news until my fingers hurt.

The 2009 SAG Awards were no less well-done.  If anything, they seemed better than ever.  There was only one little political "thing" that happened with Tina Fey's acceptance speech and if you didn't know what was going on under the SAG covers you might not even have caught it.

Meryl Streep And Sean Penn

Meryl Streep and Sean Penn gave amazing acceptance speeches for their wins as Best Female and Best Male Actors and both received standing ovations from their peers who voted for them.

The only thing that makes me sad about the 2009 SAG Awards is that they are over and soon will be a memory blended in with the rest of the award shows bearing down on the Red Carpets.

If you didn't get a chance to watch the 2009 SAG Awards live, see if you can catch it on the Web.  They are worth it for sure.  Meanwhile if you have an in with the Award Show Media Nazi, please let me know the tricks I'm missing to get rights for faster inside coverage.  I promise to behave and make you proud.

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