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Marissa Tomei's Hair

Marissa Tomei is an Academy Award winning actress who was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work on The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke. She recently appeared on Daytime TV with Ellen Degeneres to talk about her controversial role and her Golden Globe nomination.  Sadly Marissa did not win the award which went to actress Kate Winslett.

Ellen explained to her audience when she introduced Marissa that The Wrestler is one of the most talked about new movies of the year. A clip was shown of Marissa as a stripper in the film talking to Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler) about her child, a son.

For her appearance on Ellen the lovely Marissa had on silky black slacks with her hair worn in a half up/half down hairstyle with one side forming a type of pomadour  or "hair bump" along the front. The back of Marissa's hair cascaded into soft curls. She had on a milk chocolate satin and lace style blouse with a bow. The beautiful actress looked fantastic and came out on stage and started immediately dancing.

Marissa danced for quite some time which the audience appeared to love almost as much as Ellen, who told the actress "she is an amazing dancer".  She asked if Marissa "was she a great dancer before her role in the movie"?

The actress told Ellen "she just likes to dance - but you wouldn't dance with me". Marissa said the dancing she does in the Wrestler movie is not like the dancing she did when she came out on stage.  In 'The Wrestler' she does "a little different dancing" in the movie which is "lap dancing".   The actress confessed she didn't know how to do that type of dancing (lap dancing) before hand. She had "to study" the new stripper style of dancing for her role.

Ellen revealed to the audience that she and Marissa had lived in the same building a long long time ago. Marissa told Ellen "yes we did" but "you've moved on". They both agreed "it's a nice building". Ellen mentioned the actress had just gotten a kitten back then, when they lived in the same building and Marissa said "she's all grown up now." Marissa's kitten which is all grown up is named Mabel. Ellen pointed out she has a dog named Mabel.  Marissa told Ellen she "thought it was weird" they both have pets named Mabel.

Marissa discussed the general theme of the movie.  She said Mickey plays a wrestler, The Wrestler and he was at the height of his powers and fame in the 80s.  As the wrestler is getting older, he is getting pushed out of the thing he loves best and out of the business, his livelihood.

In the movie she plays stripper who has a parallel journey with Mickey Rourke's character.  In her role she is trying to reinvent herself.  As Mickey's girlfriend she also "tried to be a stabilizing influence" in his life. "For awhile" anyway. "For a short while in the film".

Ellen said you're naked a lot in the film and Marissa laughed and said "and dancing". Ellen restated her comment "and almost completely naked"  A slightly embarrassed Marissa said "yeah" and then she said "it came naturally".

Marissa told Ellen "she did go to a lot of clubs in both New York and LA."  She told Ellen and the audience she wanted to see lots of different styles and she really wanted to specifically see the pole dances.

When she was visiting the various clubs to study and do her research she wanted to see the complicated pole work.  She told Ellen that the dancers at the clubs "throw the lap dances in for free". Marissa laughed and reported the various stripped "gave her lap dances. A lot of the lovely ladies were happy to give complimentary dances".

Ellen said "not only are you naked, you're letting go of everything". Marissa told Ellen she was basically naked and "it was her first day of work"  She reported she met Mickey and was like "Hi, I'm Marissa, how are you doing?"

When Ellen asked Marissa "how do you get to that place to?" to be able to do that Marissa replied "it's a combination of enjoying the terror on some level and getting through it" and saying "OK that was fun".

Ellen said her body looks amazing.  Marissa thanked her and said she was "sorry she had a little cold".  Marissa explained how hard she worked to get ready for the The Wrestler role since it did require almost full nudity.  The actress told Ellen "she exercised a little more than she normally does and she hula hooped a lot".  Why the hula hoop?  Marissa replied "because its your core muscles".

Ellen seemed surprised and wanted to know how using a hula hoop can get you into shape.  Marissa said "you're using all of your core muscles" when you hula hoop so you are exercising your entire body in places you might not normally work the muscles.

At that point Ellen and Marissa got hula hoops and Marissa started to use hers to demonstrate how she worked out with her hoops.  She encouraged Ellen to "come on" and hula hoop with her.  Ellen claimed not to know how to use a hula hoop.  She told Marissa she was "Christian Scientist" as the reason she didn't hula hoop.  Which of course was hilarious and a typical Ellen comment.

Marissa hula hooped and showed Ellen how do to it showing off lots of different moves. Ellen was watching flabbergasted and said "wow".  Marissa's mic pack got in the way so she hoola hooped along the top of her body. Ellen was hilarious throughout this segment. Marisaa appeared to be having so much fun and covered her face at one point.  Marissa obviously had a great time and was laughing and clapping.  Eventually  Marissa taught Ellen to hula hoop. It was hilarious.

One of the things I love so much about Ellen's show is the variety of celebrity guests she interviews and the topics that are discussed.  The show with Marissa was a case in point and a really great way to get insight into Marissa Tomei and her award winning role in 'The Wrestler'.

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