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Keifer Sutherland's Hair

Keifer Sutherland appeared on Ellen on January 19th with his dark sandy blonde hair worn short and very neat.  He was wearing a soft chocolate brown sweater, jeans and a pink button shirt which was open at the throat, Keifer looked buff and very sexy.

He was there to promote his character Jack Bauer on Fox TV's 24.  Ellen played a clip of the new season of the Fox darma.

Referring to the presence of Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan on Ellen's set (to entice George Clooney out of his office across the parking lot) Keifer was obviously very excited and said that's cool to see and "how cool is that"? Ellen asked Keifer if he was into baseball?

Keifer told Ellen "when I played Little League the first glove that I ever had was a Johnny Bench Catcher's mitt."  I played catcher.  I still have it.  My brother got it for me and so it was very special". Keifer mused "I'm sure he (Johnny Bench) has one (mitt) that's more broken in than mine but it's maybe the second most broken in catcher's mitt". 

In discussing whether or not the two Cincinnati Red baseball players could get George to come out by playing catch in his parking lot, Keifer said "I think maybe they should" just "throw the ball through George's car".

Ellen thought that was a good idea. She said "we could have done that on our own". Instead of "flying people" out here.  They also discussed throwing a baskeball right through the window (of his office).

Keifer laughed and said "maybe get a few balls" to throw through the windows.

Ellen changed the subject about the Cincinnati Reds and turned to Keilfer and asked him "is it true that you don't own a mirror"?

"No" he replied, "I have one (mirror), I have one in my house, I have one in the bathroom, over the sink, so I can make sure my shirt is kinda correct and things like that".  Ellen seemed amazed that Keifer only had one mirror.  The 24 star said "I just never liked them very much".

So what's the deal with the lack of mirrors?  Keifer said "it goes back a ways.  Its a funny profession that I picked given that".  Keifer explained the aversion to mirrors is tied to "the first film  I actually say in the States that I made here" it "was a film called 'Stand By Me' the first film I did.  I was about 17 years old".   Ellen's audience applauded at the mention of the film.

Keifer said "I remember I went to the screening (of Stand By Me) and in my head" I'd "developed a character and the character was really based, because it was a period film on Jimmy Dean and Marlon Brando".  Keifer explained he wanted his character to feel like those actors and he had it in his head that he would.

Then he went to the screening, saw himself on the screen and was basically horrified.  I thought "oh God, this is awful" and he got depressed and thought he had ruined the film and his career.

Keifer told Ellen "an odd thing happened.  Three weeks later the film came out and was a huge success and it really started my career."  At that point Keifer said, he learned very quickly he "had some self esteem issues with the way I thought I looked".  From there Keifer decided to avoid looking at himself.

Now Keifer says he "wakes up in the morning and I think I look great".  He did note "it helps not running into a mirror".

Ellen congratulated Keifer on his Golden Globe nomination (he didn't win) and the recent award of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Keifer thanked Ellen and told her the star was "amazing".  He told the funny lady "my dad was there.  My oldest daughter was there and I had family there.  I had a list of people that I knew who were coming".

At that point in the conversation Ellen showed a image of Keifer at the Hollywood Walk of Fame with his dad looking down with a scowl on his face. Keifer laughed and said "my dad looks like hes going to kill me" in that shot.

Keifer was excited about the event because he was given time off from filming 24 and because he had this family and friends he knew were coming.  He told Ellen "so you kinda prepare yourself for that kind of event.  It ended up being much more emotional than I had anticipated".

At one point Keifer looked up and "saw one of the camera operators from 24",  He said "my first instinct is that I went to the wrong place."  He laughed and said I thought "oh no, I've gone to the wrong location. And I'm in the wrong place".  Then he looked up and saw "our director" and "I started our whole crew."

When it was all said and done Keifer said "basically 120 people I work with shut down for three hours to come to that thing. We've been working together for almost 8 years.  That combined with my real family it was a really really nice day".

Ellen thanked Keifer for coming to the set and wished him well with the next season of 24.

Can you believe 24 has been on the air for 8 seasons?  I was shocked when I heard that.  Are you a fan of Keifer Sutherland and do you love 24?  Please let me know your opinion.

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