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Amy Adams' Hair - Long Strawberry Blonde Hair

Amy Lou Adams is delightful as Giselle, the princess in Enchanted.  No, I didn't think I would like the film although I was mildly interested because I loved the 5'4" Amy in Junebug and The Wedding Date (as Amy, the younger sister who is getting married and who is such a brat).

Of course I also wanted to check out Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) in Enchanted because it was a role not related in any way to Grey's Anatomy.

Okay, I admit it.  I loved the movie and Amy's performance.  I was a little surprised that Amy, as Giselle, the fairy princess character, did not have the traditional blonde hair like you might expect.  Afterall Cinderella was platinum blonde.

Instead she wore her own trademark long strawberry blonde tresses.

Although the 34 year old Amy has cycled through a range of darker, lighter and deeper red hues (2009 Golden Globes) she has stayed relatively close to the red head family throughout her acting career.  Yes, her hair is naturally strawberry blonde.  She was born that way.  Remember, it's her trademark.

But don't hate her because she has really great hair and a fabulous body (she's a trained dancer). Of course lets not forget Amy was one of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in the world (2008).  She is actually a sweetheart who has worked hard to get where she is with her "overnight" acting and performance career.

In a December interview with Star Magazine (December 15, 2008) Amy shared that little kids approach her all the time as a result of her role in Enchanted, although she doesn't look the same off screen.

In fact Amy shared with Star Magazines that a little girl looked her one time at an airport and said "you're not Giselle!".

To save the little girl from having her entire fantasy destroyed Amy told her she was "in disguise" so the evil witch (from Enchanted) Narissa (Susan Sarandon) couldn't find her.

The little girl bought it which is beyond cool that Amy would go to the trouble to protect a complete stranger.

Like I said, she seems like a sweet person.  Besides her hair, which gets a lot of press because it's so gorgeous, her acting career is on fire.

Amy has won rave reviews for her role as a timid young nun  (Sister James) who confronts a priest (Philip Seymour Hoffman) she suspects is abusing a student in the heavily nominated film - Doubt - which opened in theaters in December of 2008.  Amy's role as a nun is a big departure from the type of role she often takes which is playing characters with cheerful dispositions.

Doubt is an adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play. Meryl Streep plays a self-righteous Mother Superior and nothing short of amazing in her role.

Star Magazine asked Amy if she took the role in Doubt to avoid becoming stereotyped.  Amy said "the actors" she "admires most defy genres" so she is working on being "flexible".

She also told the media ‘‘I would love to play somebody really dark and evil, but I'm sure people would be like, ‘That's hysterical. That's the funniest performance I've ever seen'.''

One of the benefits of being in Doubt was the need to wear a nun's habit.  Some actresses might not like to cover their amazing beauty and hair in a drab habit but Amy say it as a great benefit.  She told Star the habit "lacked all the vanity" as well as being "very comfortable".  One other benefit to a nun's habit?  Amy pointed out "she didn't have to worry about her gut and "could eat whatever" she wanted.

Even better?  A nun's habit covers Amy's hair so there is little need for lots of time in the hair and make-up trailer.

Amy, who was born in Italy to a military man but raised in Colorado has more films coming up after Doubt.

She must have had a great time with Meryl Streep in Doubt because one of her next films due in 2009 is Julie and Julia with Meryl.  Amy and Meryl only appear in one scene together for the movie which is about a wannabe writer (Amy) who cooks and blogs her way through the recipes of cooking legend Julia Child (Meryl).

Amy is also newly engaged to marry her long time boyfriend Darren Le Gallo who she met in 2001 in an acting class.  In fact, they just bought a house together but she has told the media she has no wedding plans to date.

Ironically up and coming star Isla Fisher who is appearing in Confessions of A Shopaholic has been quoted as saying if the movie flops she will tell people it was Amy Adam's in the lead role instead of herself.  Why?  Amy and Isla are sometimes confused because of their red tresses.

Amy wears her hair in a variety of hairstyles but for the Red Carpet she seems to prefer wearing her below-the-shoulder strands in tressalicious soft waves with a hint of curls.  She recently wowed the Golden Globe fashionistas with a stunning black gown with her signature hair worn a much deeper and vibrant red and coiffed into voluminous waves in true moviestar fashion.

Keep an eye on Amy Adams for the future.  Besides a sizzling career, she knows how to rock the fashion and celebrity hair worlds.  I expect to see a lot more of her in the very near future.

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