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Nicollette Sheridan's Long Lush Side Swept Hair

On Friday January 16th the lovely golden blonde Housewife goddess Nicollette Sheridan danced her way onto Ellen's stage in soft gray fitted trousers and a light steel gray blouse with a long matching tie down the front.

After giving Ellen a hug she turned around and lifted her shirt.  Nicollette said she was "just showing I have no  weapons on me". Ellen said "I have no weapons on me" and Nicollette said "OK, OK" as she frisked Ellen.  The funny lady said "any excuse to do that to me, Ellen said.

(Image of Nicollette Sheridan at Opening of Beso Restaurant - 03-06-08 - - All Rights Reserved).

Nicollette's hair was coiffed into a sleek and shiny below-the-shoulders lush hairstyle with just a hint of wavy texture interwoven along the edges of the style.

Nic's hair on Ellen's show had a deep side part with a Bond Girl Goldfinger side swept fringe which was absolutely gorgeous.  Sometimes when Nicollette is out in public her hair doesn't look as tressalicious as it did on the recent Ellen.

(Image of David Spade - - All Rights Reserved).

Obviously Ellen and Nicollette like to kid around and play together.  Before she arrived onstage Ellen showed a clip of Nicollette on a previous show where they fought each other with silly string.  She also showed a clip of Nicolette on Desperate Housewives wearing just her bra and panties.

Nicollette told Ellen after she sat down "it's my first show of the year".  She also told her "congratulations on your win at the People's Choice Award".

Ellen queried Nicollette about the upcoming SAG Awards asking the blonde actress who her date was going to be.  Nic told the funnylady she was "bringing her best friend Michelle Butler".

Ellen asked Nicollette if she gets nervous during the award shows. She told Ellen she likes "to see people she hasn't seen for awhile".  Nic also said award shows involve "hair and makeup and nerves and interviews and I hate it".  No it's fun".  Ellen told her she didn't "believe that at all. It didn't feel genuine".  The actress said, "it's relaxing, it's great, you know, we drink alot, there's bad speeches".

The actress also told Ellen at one previous Golden Globe Awards show she was so nervous she literally "panicked" and was "praying she wouldn't win" and then "she didn't" and she said "what's the hell the matter with me".

Ellen asked "did you win last year for the SAG"?  "No", Nicollette replied, "we were up for one but we didn't win last year".

Nicollette interrupted Ellen's comments by unexpectedly saying "it's really upsetting I have to sit her and look at you this way because it's really my bad side if I just sat over here it would look a little better". At that point Nicollette hopped out of her chair and immediately plopped down on Ellen's lap and stretched her legs out wrapping her arms around Ellen's neck.

The side the Desperate Housewife showcased while plopped down on Ellen's knees was her Goldfingeresque side swept fringe which literally glistened in the stage lights.  Indeed she had a point about her "best side".

While sitting on Ellen's lap Nicollette teased Ellen and said "So how's married life?"  Ellen laughed and said "Married life is fantastic, she won't see this show".  Nicollette replied "she's gorgeous, she's such a lucky girl and so are you".  Then Nic said to Ellen "am I heavy"?  Ellen retorted "No. Not at all? You're my brother".

Ellen said "lets talk about who you're dating". Nicollette replied "thats problematic" and told Ellen "because Oliver, my Golden Retriever" won't "let anyone in my life".  Ellen said "well we've seen pictures of you with people."

Nicollette asked who and Ellen replied "do you really" want me to say?  Ellen told Nicollette she saw photos of her "making out with David Spade". Nicollette denied that Ellen say any photos like that and Ellen said well "then it was close to making out".

Nicollette threw it back on Ellen and said "OK I heard you used to date him.  So there we have it". Ellen retorted "is that what he told you?"  She then said "so you're dating David Spade?". Nicollette replied, "Oh ... do you see us together? Really?" Nicollette said "we're friends, we're not dating". Ellen replied "friends with benefits"?

Then Ellen said "what about Ryan Seacrest?  Nicollette was not pleased with the question and said “that’s gross,” Nicollette said. “Why? What do you mean?” Ellen asked. “Do you know Ryan?” Nicollette replied “I’ve met him,” and “I did his radio show and he was very rude about me the next day.” “What did he say?” Ellen asked. “It was nasty,” the actress insisted of Seacrest’s comments. “Yeah and untrue. Yeah, I don’t like him.”

Ellen seemed genuinely surprised by Nic's reaction and said that "doesn't sound like Ryan" and "he's a nice guy" and said "but I think you're dating David so you're set".

Ellen changed the topic at the point realizing Nicollette was not amused by her Seacrest questions and comments "Let's just talk about the show (Desperate Housewives).  100 episodes".  Nicollette replied "that's nothing for you". She replied "it's an incredible achievement and we're all really excited about it and hopefully we'll do 100 more".

Ellen showed a photo of the Housewives celebrating their 100th episode with a cake.  Nicollette said "Eva and I are a little playful in the shot".  Ellen pointed out Marsha's trying to help - she's in character as Bree.  Nicollette said she "didn't quite manage to get the face plants (in the cake" I wanted".  Ellen replied "I'm glad I never has cake around Nicollette".

Ellen told Nicollette she knew she "used to play football with George Clooney. Right"?  Nicollette said "how did you know?  We used to have regular football games".

At that point Ellen and Nicollette played a game where they threw footballs at each other's face before ending the episode.

The talk-show host said she could imagine Sheridan dating the former “SNL” star.

“Why?” asked a surprised Sheridan.

“I don’t know, I just see you together,” she said.

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