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8 Reasons To Go Blonde

Charlize Theron - 12th Annual Premiere Women in Hollywood - 09-20-05 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved Charlize Theron - 12th Annual Premiere Women in Hollywood - 09-20-05 - DC Media - All Rights Reserved

Introduction - 8 Reasons To Go Blonde

Many people, especially women, at some point in their lives seriously consider changing their natural hair color to blonde.

Everyone who does eventually go blonde has their own unique list of reasons.  This blog summarizes some of the most popular 8 reasons to go blonde.

Celebrities - Blonde Role Models

Some of the most famous blondes in history have been gods, goddesses and celebrities.  Hera, Apollo and Aphrodite were described as blonde.  Fairy tales are full of blonde heroes and heroines.  The famous Cinderalla was blonde and tortured by her evil brunette stepmother and stepsisters.

The famous Rapunzel was also blonde.  Who can forget her long braid which helped to free her from capture?

Celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield took Hollywood by storm.  Today's famous blondes include Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and singer Pink, to name just a few of the many.

When formerly brunette celebrities like Jessica Alba suddenly transition to blonde they often trigger a renewed interest in the iconic shade.  Some celebrities like Meg Ryan really didn't have a break-out hit until they went with a lighter, brighter blonde hair color.Listed below are some of the most popular 8 reasons to go blonde:

1.  To instantly amp up dull or drab strands.  Even if you don't want to go totally blonde, experiment with adding a few sunny blonde highlights around your face to lighten up your skin tone and show off your eyes?

Image of Charlize Theron - "Rock The Kasbah's Benefiting Virgin Unite - 10-23-08 - - All Rights Reserved Image of Charlize Theron - "Rock The Kasbah's Benefiting Virgin Unite - 10-23-08 - - All Rights Reserved

2.  Go blonde to create instant hair glam like celebrity blonde beauties such as Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Lauren Conrad, Lauren Bosworth, Heidi Montag and Whitney Port (of The Hills & The City).

3.  Blonde hues work great with gray, white or silver strands.  Softer golden blonde hues are very flattering for mature skin tones. Even better, going blonde may help to hide the appearance of gray.

4.  The correct combo of a rich blonde base with lighter and darker accent colors can give hair instant depth and dimension.

5.  When properly placed, the addition of blonde highlights can actually minimize facial imperfections and maximize facial perfections.

6.  Going blonde in some cases (especially with the help of a professional colorist) can instantly make hair feel and look healthier.  This is especially true of hair damaged by too many heat styling applications.

7.  To completely change your image.  Going blonde from a darker color can instantly change your appearance and be a fabulous experience.

Adopting a blonde hue should be carefully considered and that you work with a professional who can help you select the best blonde hues to compliment your skin and eye tone.

8.  Transitioning to a blonde hue may actually help your career.  Various studies have demonstrated that in some cases blondes do better on some types of job interviews than brunettes.

Of course this might be most appropriate if you're trying out for American Idol or America's Next Model, but sometimes the industry you want to apply for values blondes over brunettes.

Summary - 8 Reasons To Go Blonde

Other reasons to go blonde?  How about because you want to?  If's always been my belief that everyone should wear their hair whatever length, color, texture and style that they feel best wearing.  It's your hair, enjoy it while you can.

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