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Jeremy Piven - Golden Globes Hair

Jeremy Piven made a beeline for Giuliana Rancic on the Golden Globes Red Carpet.  She thanked him for talking to her instead of Ryan Seacrest.  Jeremy who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his work in Entourage told the lovely Guiliana that he had a special fondness for her because "you're a Chicago woman now that you're married to a Chicago man".

Jeremy pointed out he is from Chicago and has a special fondness in his heart for all the people from Chicago as well as anything related to that great city.

Guiliana laughed at Jeremy's Chicago explanation and he said "we go even deeper in our bonds now" because of Chicago.  Jeremy said he wanted to "give a shout out to all the good folks back home in Chicago."

Guiliana asked Jeremy if it was "fun being" at the Golden Globe Awards and Jeremy said "I'm incredibly grateful to be here".    He also said "I am really proud that Kevin (Connolly) is nominated" because he "really deserves the nomination" and Jeremy said he hoped Kevin won.  He also said he is "really proud of Entourage and that it is nominated."

When he was asked who was his date he replied "his mother".  Jeremy is actually famous for bringing his mother to all the award shows as his date.

Guiliana asked Jeremy about his recent brush with high mercury in his system which amounted to a form of mercury poisoning.  Jeremy said he "didn't want to go into it at length" but he "followed the doctor's orders" and was doing a "lot of resting".

He had to drop out of his role on Broadway and said it was sad "because Broadway was my dream" but Bill Macy is replacing him and afterall, Bill "is an upgrade" from Jeremy.

The Entourage actor who plays superagent Ari Gold was very gracious and looked good.  Unfortunately he did not win the Golden Globe award nor did Kevin or Entourage.  At least its good to know that the actor is on his way to improved health.

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