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Balthazar Getty Leaving Brothers & Sisters?

Several media outlets including E! have reported that Balthazar Getty, who plays Tommy on the popular show will be leaving the series shortly.  This rumor has been flying around since Balthazar began a highly publicized affair with actress Sienna Miller.

(Image of Balthazar Getty - The 5th Annual Triumph For Teens Awards Gala -  - 04-08-08 - All rights reserved)

A bigger question is whether or not Mr. Getty was fired or resigned?  Or maybe the cast drummed him out because of his reported misbehavior on set?  We all remember what happened at Grey's Anatomy in the past with misbehaving stars.

Apparently the rest of the B&S cast were upset that married man Balthazar abandoned his long time wife and children to frolic with an unmarried Sienna.  Is this really true?  Who knows for sure?

There was other speculation that one of the other male actors who plays a Walker son was already dating Sienna and had introduced Balthazar to Sienna, which promptly started the International affair.

This information may or may not be accurate.  Afterall, the entertainment and celebrity media often announce "insider" reports that never turn out to be exactly true.

Of course there's the other possibility that there are other reasons behind Balthazar's rumored ending of his role as Tommy Walker.  The fans may never really know the true scoop of what happened or is happening.

Other media outlets are reporting that Balthazar is not leaving the popular show and is happy although other reports say that Balthazar only had a sometime role as a Walker and was not a key cast member.  OK.  Whatever works.

As someone who has been watching Brothers And Sisters since the first episode, I can honestly tell you that in my humble opinion it would make no difference if Balthazar as Tommy left or not.  His role is minimal compared to those of Sally Field and the other Walker family members.  I don't think anyone would really notice if he was written out.

Actually, killing him off in some extreme way would probably spice up the show since it would ultimately trigger an enormous potential for drama.

In fact, if you took Balthazar and his B&S wife out at the same time in a car accident there could be an entire thread over who would adopt the young child whose real father is a different Walker brother.  Wow.  Imagine the possibilities.  Plus there is the whole issue of who would ultimately own the winery that was created by Nora Walker's arch enemy, Holly.

If Balthazar is unhappy - set him free.  Make sure to give him a magnificent death that kicks off a major battle between the major characters and juices up the plot.

Of course this is all my own humble opinion although I will confess to being a frustrated TV episode writer who would love to write some spicy scripts for Brothers & Sisters or some of my other favorite shows like Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy or the various CSI shows.

Meanwhile I guess unless someone can get an absolute announcement out of the studio we will all have to just wait and see what happens with Balthazar and the Walker clan.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think Balthazar Getty should stay or go?

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