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Best Female Celebrity Hair For 2008

Every year near the ends as the new year dawns all kinds of "Best Of" lists pop up.  Of course there are "worst of" lists as well with a few notable who died lists.

(Image of (L) Rosemarie DeWitt and (R) Anne Hathaway at 'Rachel Getting Married' Premiere 09-15-08 - Daily - all rights reserved).

While sitting scrunched up on a recent delayed American Airlines jet that apparently forgot to have oil and gas service completed before leaving the gate, my mind wandered.  Of course it always wanders to hair, beauty and other related obsessions.

So what celebrities really hit it out of the hair park in 2008?  Based solely on my own humble opinions my list is included below:

Best Overall Celebrity Hair For 2008

1.  Anne Hathaway - The 'Rachel Getting Married' star had a challenging personal year breaking up with the scandal drenched Raffaello Follieri and suffered through a lot of prying media into her private life.  Questions arose whether the super sweet star is really a diva behind the scenes.

When it came to her fashion and hair life the beautiful brunette stepped it way up showcasing spectacular Red Carpet looks with an array of perfectly coiffed rolled buns,  coiled chignons and shiny sleek medium length bobs.

When it comes to celebrity hair for 2008 my award goes to Anne Hathaway and her celebrity hairdressers.

2.  Lauren (LC) Conrad - The Hills - Fighting off criticism that LC was faking most of her reality shots on The Hills and hiding a new love, Lauren continued to rock some of the very best tousled buns and hairstyles around.

She added braids as accents and gave new meaning to pulling her fingers through her hair creating some of the most spectacular multi-coiled and messy buns seen in the hair world for some time.

When it was all said and done many of her fans didn't really care about her not-so-secret guy, her fight with Audrina over Justin "Bobby" or her ongoing problems with Heidi Montag.  We just cared about how sizzling hot her hair always looks.

3.  Blake Lively (Serena) - Gossip Girls - She's blonde, she beautiful with legs that never stop.  You want to hate her but you can't because her buttery blonde tresses are exactly the way you want yours to be.

Both on and off screen she rocked a series of gorgeous updos decorated with eye popping, mouth dropping headbands and hair accessories.  Whether wearing her hair up or down, this Gossip Girl wins for being a hair glam girl.

4.  Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) - Who heard of the brunette beauty before CW's Gossip Girl?  Regardless of her prior fame, she wins one of my 2008 best celeb hair nods for how great her tresses look in hats and berets.

Leighton, who is on the cover of February 2009 Teen Vogue, gives her friendenemy Serena a run for her money.

5.  Shenae Grimes - The brunette beauty rules the hair roost on the new 90210 and gives the Gossip Girls a run for their lush strand money.  Shenae combines that classic girl-next-door with lush long brunette strands that are perfectly highlighted.

Shenae's hair looks like she rolled right out of bed, did a few finger tousles and viola - gorgeous waves.  Now all of us hair addicts know that her gorgeous strands were washed, dried, rolled, fluffed and puffed by a team of celebrity hairdressers.

6.  Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham - Whether you loved her short pixie or not, there's no question Victoria keeps the world at full attention with her latest hair transitions.  2008 was no difference as she morphed from a longer bob to a short and spikey pixie which instantly drove women to their hairdressers for an exact copy.

7.  Rhianna - Cementing her reputation as a hair trend setter Rhianna and her fabulous celebrity hairdresser continued to whip up some amazing changes on the superstar's super short tresses.

8.  Anna Lynn McCord - Although less well known as her other 90210 co-stars, Anna Lynn amped up the beauty of natural curls and ringlets.   Her blonde tresses are perfectly played to show off the beauty of going Au natural with your own God given texture.

9.  Vanessa Hudgens - Already a hair superstar, Vanessa took her High School Musical tresses to a new level of glam with HS3.  Vanessa wins big points, in my hair book, for honoring her natural texture both on and off the screen and Red Carpets.

10.  Christian Serrato - Twilight Movie - Yes, I know, there are so many other Twilight Babes from Bella - whose hair was frankly a mess in the movie - to Alice Cullen portrayed by Ashley Greene. While I love Alice's hair in Twilight - short and spiky with attitude, I was not as impressed by Ashley's hair off screen.

Christian had a very small role in Twilight but she is beyond cute and rocks an amazing array of cute hairstyles, including messy side ponies, tousled updos complete with braided accents.  This is one cute girl with a great sense of how she should wear her hair.

Best Overall Celebrity Hair For 2008 - Honorable Mentions

1. Jennifer Aniston - You can't really compile a list of "great hair" for any reason without mentioning Jen.  Yes, she always wears her hair the same way, the same color and the same texture.

But it always looks immaculately coiffed and finished to perfection.  I honestly can't remember Jen with a bad hair day.  Can you?

2.  Eva Longoria Parker - Eva kept it interesting with a hot new bob hairstyle that sizzled.  As always, Eva was a hair goddess always pairing her beautiful Red Carpet gowns with smokin hairstyles.

3.  Jessica Simpson - What else would you expect from a celebrity who created her own line of clip-in hair extensions with her own celebrity hairdressers - Ken Paves.  Her hair didn't disappoint in 2008 as she posed her way across a wide range of top fashion and beauty magazines in 2008 with every hair in place and looking glam as ever.

4.  Beyonce - It would be a crime not to include Beyonce in a Best Celebrity Hair List.  Her famous celeb hairdresser Kim Kimble makes sure that Beyonce's hair always looks like the superstar simply ran a brush their her hair and every strand just magically fell into place.  Just like Jennifer Aniston, I can't ever remember Beyonce having a bad hair day.  Can you?

5.  Meg Ryan - The former queen of the Sally Hershberger shag dazzled filmgoers with those stunning blonde ringlets in the film - The Woman.  Although in my opinion she didn't look as gorgeous with her hair transformed into straight strands, her hair was mesmerizing in the film, which won great reviews.

6.  Miley Cyrus - The best way to categorize Miley's hair is controversial.  Although her career skyrocked in 2008 and she changed up her hair going darker and more textured, her photo shoot for Vanity Fair rocked her world.  Does her hair deserve an honorable mention?  Of course.  The young superstar always looked beautiful coiffed - clothed or not.

7.  Ellen DeGeneres - Is there anything you can say about Ellen's hair other than it's always so cute, perky and perfectly suits the funny woman's on-stage antics.  Her blonde highlights are always carefully applied so it appears that Ellen just came in off a long weekend out at her ranch.  Ellen is the celebrity poster girl for short, sassy bobs and pixies for 2008.

8.  Heidi Montag - OK you may love to hate this Hills cutie but her white blonde hair always looks so healthy and shiny.  We all know that pulling off a white blonde hair color is darn hard.  Christina Aguilera did it but her hair sometimes shows a tinge of yellow.  I am always in awe of Heidi's perfectly bleach white blonde hair.  The world may hate Heidi and Spencer but the tiny blonde is the poster girl, in my opinion, for beautiful bleached strands for 2008.

9. Michelle Obama - Mrs. Obama always looked perfectly coiffed in hairstyles that hit the right note for the future president's wife.  Best of all, Michelle's hair was never distracting to her overall fashions or personality.

10.  Tina Fey - Tina wins an honorable hair mention due to her magnificent portrayal of Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live.  Tina nailed Sarah to her back combed French styled updo.  Her portrayal of Sarah's controversial hairstyles were brilliant.

I'm sure many don't agree with my best female celebrity hair for 2008 so let me know who you think should have made my list.

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