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Ponytails: Pony Base Attachments Options

The classic ponytail which has been around since the beginning of time - or least as long as humans could figure out how to tie their hair back - involves pulling all of the hair on the head into a centralized location on the head.

The base of the ponytail can actually be located in a number of locations on the head ranging from the front near the hairline all the way down to the very nape of the neck.

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Once the hair has been gathered into a "tail" the ponytail is tied off creating a base from which all the hair cascades out.

A ponytail consists of a base, which is attached to the scalp and a tail. If the natural hair is not long enough to form a natural ponytail, add-on hair can be attached to form a ponytail. Clip-on ponytails are pre-formed ponytails which can be clipped onto the head creating and instant pony.

Ponytail Base Attachment Options

The base of the ponytail can be secured using a wide range of ponytail holders or related accessories including:

- Hair friendly elastic ponytail bands such as Blax (or similar) - in a wide range of colors (blonde, brunette, black, clear, white)

- Bungee style cords with metal hooks on each end - in a variety of hues (blonde, brown, black)

- Hair friendly plain elastics such as those made by Karina, Smoothie, Scunchie, Elle Girl, Goody and similar.

- Decorative ponytail elastics which combine the circular elastic band with some form of attached decoration in a wide range of designs.

- Ponytail cuffs which consist of a metal adjustble ring which slips over the base of the ponytail and often has an inner elastic piece.

- The base of the ponytail can be secured, for a unique look, by rows of criss crossed bobby pins which will hold the tail in place. The advantage of the bobby pin row is that the ponytail base will be longer and thinner than if the base is secured with an elastic band or bands.

- Jaws, claws or similar salon style clips can be used to encircle the base of the ponytail and hold the pony firmly in place without the benefit of an elastic band of any type.

- Ribbon which may be used to secure the base of the ponytail with or without the benefit of an underneath elastic.

- String, ribbon, yarn or similar materials which can be used to tie off the base.

- The base of the pony can also be secured by wrapping individual side strands of hair around the past to form a type of ring made of hair. The hair band is secured underneath with bobby pins.

- Barrettes - a wide range of barrettes can be used to secure a ponytail depending on the size and shape of the pony base. Long thin barrettes can be used in a manner similar to bobby pins to create a long and extended pony base. Volume barrettes can be used as a base attachment.

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- Combs - a set of combs can be used to create a faux ponytail base.

- Hair sticks can be used when formed into a X shape to secure the base and allow a "tail" to be pulled out from the base section.

- Hair slides can be modified to form a type of pony base while still allowing a tail to flow free from the base section.

Other possible materials used to secure the pony base include, but are not limited to covered pipe cleaners, twist ties, torn up rag strips, shoe strings, clean pantyhose tops, traditional pony scunchies or pony ruffles a custom configuration of sleep clips, cut up plastic gloves and even cut up T-shirts.

Use your imagination and I'm sure you think of several options I have never considered before.

One thing you should never use to create a base is rubberbands which can snag the hair and cause it to be ripped.

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