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Celeb Hair Triplets? Jen Aniston, Lauren Bosworth & Conrad

Jennifer Joanna Aniston (born February 11, 1969) is a California girl born in Sherman Oaks.  Although she grew up in New York City, her roots are definitely those of a beautiful blonde surfer girl with sun kissed tresses.

Aquarian Jen became wildly famous as Rachel Green on TV's long running show Friends which was about a group of six friends living and working together in New York City.  Jen became a Hair Style Icon with her bob hairstyle known as "The Rachel".

Although as famous for her hairstyles as she is for her marriage to Brad Pitt, Jen does not like to be remembered for either.

Jen is all about her acting career and prefers to be in the media for her various roles or her various spokesperson activities.  Jennifer has struggled with constant rumours about her life since she became so famous on Friends.

Fellow Aquarian and California Girl, Reality TV Star Lauren Katherine Conrad was born February 1, 1986 in Laguna Beach in Orange County, California. During her senior year of high school from 2003-2004 she appeared in the MTV reality series Laguna Beach:  The Real O.C. and became a fan favorite known as L.C.  

L.C. first appeared on MTV's The Hills which premiered in May of 2006 and is still on the air as of December 2008.

The reality series documents Lauren's move to Los Angeles where she began working at Teen Vogue along with her life and the lives of her friends, including Lauren Bosworth.

Lauren Conrad has been called a younger version of Jennifer Aniston by celebrity watchers.  Not only because of the similarity of their blonde hair hues but of their fashion and lifestyles.

While Lauren Conrad is known as L.C., Lauren Bosworth is known as 'Lo" because her full name is Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth.  'Lo" was born September 29, 1986 in Laguna Beach.

Lo Bosworth was a cast member on MTV's Laguna Beach and became a recurring cast member on The Hills, although with a much smaller role than series star L.C.

All three of the California Girls have similarly colored highlighted blonde hair colors, they all wear their hair long and loose with a hint of soft movement and wave and all three have light hued eyes.

Lauren Bosworth has a very similar face shape to Jennifer Aniston's.  Both have a prominent chin that has square angles while Lauren Conrad's face shape is softer and with less angles throughout.  LC's chin is also more rounded without the square shape Jen and Lo have.

With identical hairstyles, hair color, make-up and fashion these three California beauties might look like fraternal twins.

What do you think?  Do Jen, L.C. and Lo share similar hairstyles and looks?

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