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Cooper Spa - Dallas - 80 Minutes To Total Rejuvenation

One important lesson I've learned over the years is how important regular massage is for my physical and mental health.  Massage is thousands of years old, and is a proven technique for healing the body.

I can't speak for the rest of the world but body work - massage, rolfing and related - have always helped me relieve mental and physical stress and maintain good health.  Whenever my finances allow, I try to schedule massages on a regular basis.

Right after moving to Dallas in 1984 I drifted through a series of massage therapists who were good but for a variety of reasons (timing, budget, location, techniques) didn't motivate me to stick with them on a regular basis.

In the mid 1990s I discovered the now defunct Rejuvena Spa off Northwest Highway and became a consistent customer eventually working my way around the massage staff.  I became a "regular"  at that time with a great massage therapist named Wendy.

When Rejuvena closed - literally in the middle of the night and without warning - I followed Wendy to the famous Cooper Clinic Spa at 12200 Preston Road (972) 239-7223 where I've been going for massage and related bodywork ever since.   Whenever time and budget allows, I make it a point to have a regular massage.

Although the Cooper Spa on Forest (I've also been to the newish Cooper Spa in McKinney, Texas) offers a wide range of massage options including 50 and 80 minute Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue (as well as hot rock and other treatments), I've found that I am virtually guaranteed complete rejuvenation with the 80 minute types of massages, both Swedish and deep tissue. For me 50 minutes is not long enough and it forces the therapist to rush to get through the session.

During my time visiting the Cooper Spa over the years I have tried to experience as many different therapists as possible.  To be perfectly honest, I can say that I have never had anything but a fabulous massage experience at The Spa.

Of course I can't speak for every person who visits but the many people I have referred there have all been equally happy with their experiences.

Everyone who works at The Cooper Spa from Rick at the front desk (who's a doll, very polite and super efficient) to all of the massage therapists I've worked with over the years are fantastic.   However, every massage therapist at Cooper offers a very different massage experience.  Of course it's important to find the therapist and massage service you are most compatible with.

If you are unsure who might be best for your body type and needs you can ask the front desk to suggest various therapists based on whether you want deep tissue work or a lighter massage.

Unfortunately due to a heavy work and travel schedules along with my budget, I have not been able to work with every single one of the Cooper Spa massage therapists but it is my goal to eventually try them all.

I am often asked to recommend specific Cooper massage therapists to my friends.  What I tell them is that every therapist at The Spa can offer a different experience but they are all wonderful in their own and unique ways.

Trying to adequately describe a massage therapist's touch and individual style is extremely difficult but I have done the best I can below to offer some insight based on my own personal experiences at The Cooper Spa on Forest.  Keep in mind that like everything else, one's person's dream massage therapist might leave another person completely cold.  Be prepared to find the type of massage therapist that works best for you and your needs.


Lisa, is the lead massage therapist for Cooper and almost always booked solid.  She has many years of experience and is very gifted at all types of body treatments.  Lisa is very beloved by her longtime clients because she can provide either a soft and nurturing massage (which she is famous for) or she can provide a deep tissue workout. Lisa obviously enjoys working with, caring for and helping people.

It takes a special kind of practitioner with the artistry to intuit exactly what a massage client needs and where they need it.  Lisa has that special talent. My recent 80 minute Swedish massage with Lisa left me feeling like a bowl of jiggly Jello.

I was so relaxed after my massage with her I didn't care about traffic gridlock, the economy or the weather.  There was no other way to describe it but total bliss.


My best friend Michael, who is extremely picky, swears by Barbara for his regular 80 minute massages.  I agree that she is amazing and extremely knowledgeable about the workings of the human body.  Barbara is extremely responsive to her client's bodies and their feedback on her pressure.  This very experienced therapist really listens to her clients.

I was impressed at Barbara's ability to constantly monitor the pressure she applied to my body precisely adjusting it to my body's reactions throughout the massage.  I felt extremely relaxed but with a sense of inner calm that is hard to adequately describe.


My most regular therapist over the most recent past has been Kevin.  Not only does Kevin carefully balance his pressure, he offers a perfectly paced touch that can only be described as lyrical, nurturing and well-timed. I have total trust every time I get on Kevin's table that he will give 100% to making sure that I receive his best work.

Kevin has the uncanny ability to feel into your physical and energy bodies and know what needs more attention, and where other problems might lie beyond the client's awareness of them.

Like Lisa and Barbara, Kevin listens intently to my feedback on what I feel my body needs and offers his own professional feedback in a wonderfully soothing and calming way. Kevin's massages leave me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated but in tune with my inner personal softness.

I always feel like I'm floating on a cloud after a massage treatment with Kevin and even better, the good feelings can last up to one week.


Roxann has a special talent for deep tissue work that combines a variety of pressure and strokes with the ability to find all those spots buried deep within your muscles that are screaming for release.  Roxann obviously loves her profession.

Roxann's massages are physiologically and psychologically potent.

When I got off the table with Roxann I felt like a changed person.   I was more in tune with my body, I slept really well that night after the massage - and for the next few days - and I felt the world was a more vibrant, brighter place.


Rose evokes a feeling of peace and calm while offering a creative and uncanny artistic touch.  She really listens to what her client wants and is responsive to her client's requests.  Rose allows the massage to proceed according to the needs of the person on the table and goes with the flow.  She has a perfect balance between pressure and rhythm.

Unlike some of the other therapists I have worked with, Rose did some amazing work on my face and head.  Not all therapists feel comfortable working those areas of the body but Rose did and it was much appreciated.

After I left Rose's massage room I noticed that not only was I very relaxed, I could breathe deeper and felt much lighter and balanced.


Judy has an extensive background and experience in massage and has an amazing knowledge of the mechanics of the human body.  Judy's massage, at least for me, was vibrant, full of energy and fun.   Judy offered a great balance between the ebb and flow of the pressure she applied.

Her massage seemed effortless but of course I know that's probably not the case.  When someone makes something look super easy that's when you know they are a true pro.

With Judy I felt completely and totally relaxed but mentally buzzed.  I was very cheerful at the end of the massage and felt very uplifted.

Wendy M

Wendy M is also almost constantly book and has an adoring book of very dedicated long time clients.  Wendy is a very special person who brings the highest level of professionalism and technical expertise to the table.

She is compassionate and caring about every client that steps through the door of her massage room.  Skilled at deep tissue, she has an exceptional ability to zoom in on tight muscles you never knew existed and coax them into soft submission.

Wendy is also talented with Swedish massage and has a soothing touch along with a well-timed delivery.  She listens carefully to her clients and is very responsive to their needs.  Her massage always left me feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and upbeat.

Total Rejuvenation

Massage is one of the most effective techniques in stress relief.  It provides proven treatment of all types of injury, and in preventative medicine.  Massage has been proven effective at reducing problems with high blood pressure, a wide range of chronic pain, all types of arthritis, migraine headaches and other chronic conditions.

The Cooper Spa at the Forest location not only offers a highly trained and very professional staff of massage therapists (along with other spa professionals), the atmosphere is very quiet and restful with soft music.  The Spa is pristine, well run and offers a delightful combination of rejuvenation, nurturing and physical wellness.

What are you waiting for?  Take charge of your physical and mental stress.  Even if you can't go to The Cooper Spa, look for a professionally trained and highly recommended massage therapist in your neighborhood and give it a try.

I would love to hear your feedback and recommendations on your own favorite massage therapists.

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