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L Word - Jenny Schecter's Death - Sixth Season

It's been reported by the Associated Press that one of the main long term characters of The L Word will be dead when the sixth and final season premieres on Showtime on January 18th.

Jenny Schecter, played by actress Mia Kirshner, has been prominent on the show since the beginning in 2004 when she played a new-to-town young woman engaged to marry Tim Haspel (Eric Mabius - Ugly Betty) a neighbor to Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) and Tina Kennard (Laurel Holloman) a couple with a seven year committed relationship who want to have a child together. The show is set in West Hollywood. (WeHo).

Jenny started to question her own sexuality when she spied Bette and Tina together through the windows to their house and becomes intrigued with the lesbian community.

Eventually Jenny is introduced to Marina Ferrer ( Karina Lombard) and they have a steamy, drama soaked affair, which eventually breaks up Jenny's engagement to Tim. Jenny's life remained drama filled after her engagement to Tim ended and her affair with Marina crashed and burned.

Throughout the entire series Jenny's character has morphed from a dazed and confused wannabe writer to a crazed Hollywood movie director.

As a long time fan of the series I personally think killing off Jenny is a good move for the L Word.

Why? Jenny's character has transformed over time into a raving bitch whose antics, especially in the past two seasons, have been distracting.

Jenny Schecter has become larger then life and overshadowing the rest of the plot lines including the ongoing Bette/Tina relationship which has evolved through a series of twists and turns since the beginning.

While Jenny's body will be found floating in a swimming pool at the beginning of the show her ghost will continue to surface as the mystery of her death is explored throughout the season. So even though Jenny will change form, she will continue to influence the show, even from the afterlife.

Jenny's death is not the first time that the L Word has killed off a major character. Erin Daniels who played pro tennis player Dana Fairbanks was killed off from cancer in Season 3, although her ghost appeared in Season 4.

Insiders report that many of the L Word regulars were upset by Dana's death.

For all those fans like me that are sad to see The L Word wrap up their last season should know that a spin-off is already in the works starring journalist Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey).

Alice is a very entertaining member of the L Word community having been a previous lover of Bette before she hooked up with Tina.  The always delightful Alice is also a blogger who does video blogs and has pushed the envelope with her journalism career.

While I hate to see L Word end Alice is one of my all time favorites and I am sure her spinoff will be great entertainment.

What do you think? Is killing off Jenny a good move or not?

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