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Taylor Swift - Joe Jonas Was An "Ouch"

Looking gorgeous in a black sequined dress with her long blonde hair coiffed in beautiful waves and ringlets, Taylor Swift appeared on Ellen on November 11th to celebrate the release of Fearless, her highly anticipated second CD .  The entire show was billed as a "release party" celebrating Taylor's CD.

To celebrate the CD's release Ellen surprised the country star with a visit from her best friend Abigail (since 9th grade) as well as a visit by Justin Timberlake, who is Taylor's "favorite musical crush".

During the first part of the show Taylor dished about her recent breakup with JoBro - Joe Jonas "that boy" as Ellen referred to Joe in order to avoid saying his actual name on air. Taylor talked about her broken heart and explained why Jonas was an "ouch".

When Taylor first appeared onstage Ellen told the beautiful blonde Country star she "looked fantastic" and congratulated Taylor on the release of Fearless.  Taylor said she "had been waiting a long time -  two years - for the release of the CD -  and is so excited it is finally out".

Ellen told the audience some of the songs - all of the songs - on the new Fearless CD were "about boys and love".

Taylor replied "yes" they were.  Ellen asked Taylor if there was "anyone in particular the songs were about"?  Taylor said "there were a couple (of boys) that the songs were about".

At that point in the conversation Ellen flashed a photo of Taylor and Joe together and asked if "any of the songs" were "about that guy?"

Taylor said "there is one song" about "that guy".  Taylor said "that guy is not in my life anymore, unfortunately".

Continuing, Taylor told Ellen "that guy was an ouch".

Ellen told Taylor she knew what it meant when Taylor thought a guy "was an ouch".  Ellen said Taylor had told her in the past she drove by her ex-boyfriends houses a lot after the breakout.  Ellen asked if Taylor was going to drive by "that guy's" house?

Taylor said she "probably would not be driving by that guy's house" because "he has a lot of security guards and they're big".  So "probably not".  She said the good news when you're a musician is "you get to write a song" about it- referring to her broken heart.

She reported she "got a last minute recording session right when it (the relationship) was going downhill".   That's "a good thing".  Her label "let her record the song at the very last minute before the deadline for finishing the CD".

Taylor told Ellen that "Forever And Always was the song on the album about Joe Jonas".  Taylor admitted the song title was sarcasm. "Definitely sarcasm" she said.

Ellen pointed out it must be really hard for Taylor because opposed to someone just in a relationship Taylor will have to continue to see a'that guya' everywhere since they are both in the entertainment business.

Taylor agreed with Ellen and mentioned "he was everywhere....on pencil sharpeners, t-shirts...even a doll". Ellen said "I bet you have that with pins in it somewhere".

Ellen asked if Taylor and Joe would be able to be friends? Taylor said "probably not" and "they haven't talked since, actually".

Taylor said "someone day I will find someone really really great who is right for me." Ellen agreed and said the star, who is only 18 years old, would probably find 40 people that were right for her.  Ellen told Taylor she "is adorable, has a great personality" and has so much going for her.

Ellen teased Taylor and told her to go for "Nick or Kevin, one of the two brothers".  That "will get him back", Ellen said.  Taylor and Ellen laughed and agreed that probably wasn't right.

Ellen said she was sorry to hear that Taylor and "that guy" weren't still together.  She said she had not know that.

Taylor said "someday when I find that person that is right for me, he will be wonderful and when I look at that person I won't even be able to remember the boy that broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds when I was 18".

Ellen was shocked and said "he broke up with you over the phone?"

Taylor said "it was like a record I think"  for how quick the call was. I looked at the call log and it was "27 seconds". She continued "that's got to be a record".

Ellen said she was "sorry to hear that.  Ellen said that the millions of viewers who heard that he broke up with her over the phone would be "so mad at him right now".

As the show progressed Ellen eventually brought out Justin Timberlake as a special surprise for Taylor who said  Justin's appearance "made it all better".

The show ended with Taylor performing two of the songs on her new CD and looking absolutely spectacular.

You know what they say...the best revenge is to live well...and Taylor is definitely doing that.

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