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Alexondra Lee - Special Unit 2 - What Happened To You?

If you're asking who Alexondra Lee is you might not have been a fan of Special Unit 2 which was a SciFi action/adventure show on TV for the blink of an eye. Alexondra Lee (born February 6, 1975) was one of the co-stars - Detective Kate Benson - and she was blonde, beautiful and sexy.

As a result of her appearances on Special Until 2 from 2001-2002, Alexondra was voted one of Stuff Magazine's 101 "Most Beautiful Women in The World" in 2001. She was ranked #81.

The actress worn her baby blonde tresses long and lush and slightly brushed off her gorgeous face. The hair style was appropriate for the show which involved lots of searching for the latest creatures.

When Special Unit 2 came out it was attached by some critics as a rip off show of other similar SciFi shows on the air at the time. Others said that the idea was inappropriately stolen. Will we ever really know what happened?

Even though it was a very cool show, it was quickly cancelled. Some fans adored the show and in all fairness, some detested it. Regardless, the show was only on the air for a mere 19 episodes. The show was broadcast on UPN and listed as a supernatural/action/comedy series. The show was known to poke fun at UPN's Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

As I have shared before, I am one part geek and love most SciFi. I actually saw all of the Special Unit 2 episodes and especially loved Carl the Gnome (Danny Woodburn), who was a major wheeler and dealer behind the Special Unit scenes.

The show was a a little cheesy at times and the plotlines could be thin but also very entertaining. Hey, what more could you ask of a TV show anyway?

The idea behind the show was that a group of undercover detectives inhabited a secret office tucked away behind a dry cleaning shop. An assortment of monstors would be featured on a weekly basis and the Special Unit would go out and either capture them or kill them. Whatever was appropriate.

One of my favorite episodes was when fat cells left over from liposuction operations formed into a giant fat monster and traveled through the city via drains looking for more fat. It was hilarious but an unusual concept.

Recently videos of the hot blonde Alexondra was released on UTube and she has become a Breakout Star on Yahoo Buzz. That's all fine and good but the question of the minute is what's happened to Alexondra?

Since her brief turn in Special Unit she has appeared on Push, Nevada as Delilah. In 2006 she appeared as Rebecca McGill on CSi: Crime Scene Investigation and on Alpha Mom. She was in the film Shopgirl in 2005 as Karen. In 2003 she was appeared in What I Like About You as Maureen.

In 2002, right after Special Unit 2 she appeared in one episode of Robbery Homicide Division. In 2003 she appeared on TV in Momentum as Brooke.

Since 2006 she has not appeared anywhere obvious. Has she left the acting profession? Alexondra was a classically trained ballerina. Maybe she has gone back to dance? In the meantime her fans are busy talking about her.

I for one would love to see the actress again. And yes, I think SciFi should resurrect Special Unit 2. There are never too many SciFi shows on TV.

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