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Rusk AntiCurl - Perfect For Guys With Unruly Curls & Waves

I recently took a class on the Rusk AntiCurl™ line which I must say is a really fantastic product. Although it's officially called AntiCurl™ by the good people at Rusk, if you have to classify it, you might say it is more like a relaxer than a permanent chemical straightener.

Why? The AntiCurl product results will soften over time and the original texture of the hair (curls, waves or combined) will eventually return as they were before the treatment.

With a chemical straightener, the hair does not ever revert to its original condition until root regrowth starts to appear. The Rusk AntiCurl™ product is available in three different formulas - #1, #2, #3 depending on your hair type, texture and needs.

In the Anti Curl class the professionals who were teaching it mentioned that AntiCurl is ideal with guys who wish to soften or greatly reduce the appearance of their waves and curls without going through the process of a chemical straightening. Depending on their hair type and how much texture, they may requires #1, 2 or 3.

It should be noted that besides the AntiCurl™ relaxer line, Rusk makes an incredible chemical reconditioning (hair straightening) process known as Rusk Thermal Shiny Str8. It has been around since the very early days of the Japanese thermal reconditioning process and is a very popular chemical reconditioning product. Rusk has been constantly reformulating Str8 over the years as new discoveries have been made for making the product even better.

Recently Rusk completely upgraded the original Str8 formulation to include Keratin and other great new ingredients so that the Str8 straightening product seriously competes with the new Keratin based straightening systems being introduced recently in Florida.

The newly reformulated Rusk Str8 provides the same, if not better results than any of the hot new Brazilian straighteners because Rusk Str8 does NOT include the toxic formaldahyde ingredients that many Brazilian straighteners have.

It could even be said that Rusk Str8 is even better than the "new" Keratin treatments because Str8 contains Keratin for strenghtening the hair while straightening it and adding incredible shine. How do I know? I have actually watched several Str8 treatments from beginning to end - which can take anywhere from 4-8 hours depending on hair type, texture and length. It is a long process and requires attention to detail but it really works.

The full name of the AntiCurl™ product is AntiCurl Kerashine™ Conditioning. What I have discovered from studying the AntiCurl™ and Str8 product lines is that Rusk AntiCurl™ line is great for men with lots of texture such as natural curls or waves. It also works for guys who have super thick hair they want to control, lots of pouf or even cowlicks in inconvenient places.

The reason AntiCurl™ is so great for guys is because of the following reasons:

1. It is very fast compared to the Str8 process. An AntiCurl service can be done in approximately one hour in most cases (depending on hair type, texture, length). Of course it depends on the hairdresser performing the service but it definitely can be performed much faster than Str8 because there is minimal if any hot ironing.

2. AntiCurl™ preserves the natural integrity of the hair and is very safe for most hair types, textures and races.

3. AntiCurl™ is not permanent. A few haircuts and the product is completely removed from the hair. Since many guys prefer their hair shorter, the AntiCurl™ treatment can be a temporary change. If the results are desirable, the process can easily be reapplied.

4. Str8 is not really viable for most men since the client's hair must be at least six inches long to achieve maximum results. This is because a key component of the Str8 service is painstaking flat ironing 1/2" sections of the hair to seal in the Keratin straightening chemicals. If the hair is not long enough to flat iron, the chemicals are not properly seal into the hair.

5. Chemical straightening would cost a lot more than AntiCurl™ and be overkill since the results would be lost much faster on a guy who has their hair cut every month than someone who only has their ends trimmed every 8-8 weeks.

Will Rusk AntiCurl™ make hair stick straight? Probably not but it can make hair shiny, sleek and with minimal texture. In the hards of the right hair pro AntiCurl™ can actually be applied to create almost straight results similar to what you might achieve with Str8. There are some tricks I have learned and will share in future blogs and articles.

Now the big question. Should guys request #1, #2 or #3?

AntiCurl #1 is for normal, naturally curly or wavy hair.

AntiCurl #2 is for multi-dimensional, high-lift tinted or highlighted hair - is not recommended for bleached hair.

AntiCurl #3 is for coarse, resistant hair that requires lots of extra control - think super thick, wiry or pouffy.

AntiCurl™ constains Kerashine™ Conditioning which infuses the hair with Phytokeratin, a blend of amino acids derived from plants, yielding unsuprassed conditioning and luminous shine while building and improving the hair's overall strength. Stronger hair is better conditioned hair. It yields smooth, sleek and more versatile styling results.

One thing is for sure, Rusk AntiCurl™ offers guys fighting their curls and waves a quick and easy solution. Depending on how often haircuts are received, the AntiCurl™ can last for several weeks with fantastic relaxed results.

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